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What mask to choose for the man`s gain? Confidentially: only for women of

The the woman is cleverer, the more elegantly and more variously she bullshits men.

it is useful for em to Try on masks. Masks exempt from the past - with its losses, misses and decubituses. Feigning confidence, you begin to believe in yourself. Because you are convinced that a role to you to taste and a shoulder.

Distract from a habit and try on, without risking anything, pair of masks on the website of acquaintances. What do you want - to captivate or give up in captivity? To turn the head or to lose it? The hot man or roast from the man? What is not enough for you - impudences? sexualities? recklessnesses? Play them. And - get into the role.

So, is known what it feels like.

paradise Offspring


Openwork creation. It is sewed on patriarchy patterns: the woman - not luxury, but a pan vehicle with soup. The elf weaved from light, but forced to get up at daybreak - to take away sandwich from the yazvennik and to hand in exchange the balanced breakfast. She is good and providently is not trained to speak. From those to whom the hit puzzle fate - twins is addressed: Clap eyelashes and fly up . From its proximity on lips there is a smack of a pudding. Any spices. Lusciously?


I Look for a strong male shoulder for a graceful maiden head. I well prepare pancakes with cottage cheese and the most improbable viands, including swallows in puff pastry and moose lips; it is gentle and kind, sensual and sensitive. They say that I am very beautiful, but, by itself, main is a soul.


Inspiration. In one virtual lady`s man neither paternal feelings, nor melancholy for knights, nor appetite woke up. Only instincts. Hunters scented production in this sweet silly fellow. Talk was carried on according to the scheme: You, men, such rough! You have on mind only a sex. And we, to girls, need attention - The Attention, will be sex " now;!

of Mary Poppins for the adult boy

the sketch:

Irony, ukhozhennost, style. She is able to hold in hand of, a handbag from Mattiolly and men. Always different: from cold to fire and from tropics to the Arctic. She prefers to the sky in diamonds a neck in diamonds. If she keeps a tight rein on the man - means, he did not earn by her on kidskin gloves. Its trump is in what is pleasant to men when excite the imagination in them. Because - that they are so excited by this mix of Mary Poppins with Cleopatra. What dangerous trick - snake poison or pearls in wine - can be expected from its ice shape? Bezuminka in the reasonable woman acts as a magnet. Not for nothing the queen of Egypt, having changed clothes in the commoner, wandered at midnight with Mark Anthony about loose Rome, playing dice and feasting in cheap snack bars.


I Appreciate cynical wit, gift to earn money or gift by the beggar to be talented as Wang - Gog. If I am not fated to find the personality who is cunning combined from Bender`s oborotlivost, Butler`s irony, chelentanovsky charm and Rodion Raskolnikov`s obsession, I will extinguish a wax candle, I will let hair down to a star Sirius and I will marry the first comer on the night of January seventh.


Puzzlement. For certain machoes thoughtfully scraped napes, touching the qualities as beads, and without finding even a hint on Butler or Bender. My rating sharply fell. Men, such eager for female perfection, are upset when perfection demand from them. Image of an offspring of paradise was bought much more up. Did not suggest to establish a strong family for one night to me any more. But jambs the creative bohemia stretched: slack-baked poets and fresh prose writers.

not repenting Magdalena

the sketch:

Fallen Madonna. On the right hand a glove from left. Guttural voice, hoarse laughter. In the old kind Middle Ages she by all means would be engaged in hashing of grated elder with wolf eyes and would finish on a fire. In the 21st century its magic is quite modern: viscous movements and viscous dresses. Not to hold it any borders, except state, and any chains, except gold chains. She prepares sex as a medicine and ritual. It causes a danger presentiment in the man. Danger excites men. Consequences of this woman - are irreversible. She recognizes in the man of the master. But the term of its power defines.


Ya it is sick with boredom. You will not offer medicine? Water of life? Lentil soup or mustard plasters? Offer me, and if yourself - that hot and without the rest if conversation - about anything if a dinner - without trite candles if night - white. In exchange for my taste. To words and wines, to sex and music, to ability to put on and undress. And taste at me is quite good. By the way, me all the same who you are is a slave by galleys or the prince on a pea, the astrologer or the chimney sweep. Unless be yourself.


Frenzy. The missing witch who is a good judge of music and sex - paradox. Romantic nymphomaniac? Or the alien feminist sneering at babies of a muzhesk to a floor? At least, the intrigue touches. Women - the milady seldom cause love, but passion - always. Because passion where there are no cages and rods. Predators and women of this manner know: to play much production, it needs to give freedom. However, freedom is not longer than one jump.

One psychologist told: In the modern world the person has two opportunities: or to become the good actor, or to become the neurasthenic . Let`s remember finally unless philosophical in total has to be moderately . Even measure.