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How to buy the second-hand car?

So, suppose, you decided to buy the car. But, in most cases, money for a brand new car from the conveyor is not enough. Or the buyer is pressed by national Russian amphibious - a toad. In such cases an exit one - to buy the second-hand car.

I think, you should not explain what important choice you have to make. Before a campaign on a car market it is necessary to be prepared, collect carefully small arsenal . A notebook, the handle, a small mirror, the screw-driver - everything that is required to you. It is possible to move off in searches iron horse .

Here you already on a car market. And even found the car suitable at the price and brand. Now it is necessary to check it properly. For a start ask all necessary documents for the seller. If they as it should be - we verify serial numbers on a body and the engine with numbers in the registration certificate. Consider attentively if noticed any doubtful scratches / deformations, etc. - run away from such seller far away, the benefit of cars is a lot of presently, and, so the choice is rather big.

If with serial numbers no problems arose, we pass to survey of a body - be convinced that on it there are no disguised consequences of accidents. Also compare gaps between body details: if they not identical, most likely the car visited accident. The same conclusion can be drawn if doors open hardly or with a scratch.

Examine once again a body, now in search of possible places of corrosion under painting. To check your suspicions, use a magnet - apply it through paper to the suspicious place: if everything is all right and metal is not subject to corrosion, the magnet will strongly keep. Tap thresholds and edges of wheel arches the screw-driver to learn whether the damaged metal disappears under an anticorrosive mixture layer. In the same way, by means of a mirror, check the bottom.

We pass to salon. Pay special attention to a steering wheel, remove a decorative cover if such is available to check integrity steering-wheels . Check all buttons / levers / switches. Glance under rugs - there should be no moisture.

It is time to look at our car in operation. The motor has to be started without problems irrespective of weather and work exactly, without failures. The gray smoke from an exhaust pipe testifies to malfunctions which in the future can bring you many troubles. Take an interest what oil is used in a car, check it, having got the probe from the engine (pay attention to color and to existence of a beige deposit if the last is available - better to leave the car for less attentive buyer).

Also do not forget to check work of a transmission and a condition of a suspension bracket, shock-absorbers.

Write down all malfunctions which you found in the car in a notebook. Later you will be able to save not bad, having shown this list to the seller.