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Whether vegetarianism is harmful to health?

People in the majority are omnivorous. Many experts insist that the person needs to eat meat. they give existence in meat of animal protein and irreplaceable amino acids without which allegedly there cannot be a human body as arguments. And what you will order to do with vegetarians of the whole world who quietly manage meatless and fishes?

When seventy-year-old Bernard Shaw was asked about his health, he answered: Perfectly, perfectly, only I am bothered by doctors, claiming that I will die because I do not eat some " meat;. When asked ninety-year-old Shaw the same question, he answered: Great. More me nobody disturbs. All doctors who tormented me, claiming that I will not be able to live meatless, already died .

Yes, meat contains protein, but it is not the only source of protein. In a large number it contains also in vegetable food: beans, buckwheat, nuts. At refusal of fish and meat dishes there can also be a lack of vitamins of group B, iron, selenium and zinc. But also it is not a problem if in enough to eat fruit, vegetables, it is obligatory to include dried apricots and other dried fruits in the menu. Vegetable protein can quite satisfy needs of the person at a various diet and sufficient caloric content of products.

Supporters of meat food claim that animal protein gives to an organism all irreplaceable amino acids, and their ratio not such at all, as in vegetable protein. However the structure of a human body tells about natural tendency it to vegetable food. At the person, as well as at herbivorous, intestines are much longer, than at predators, teeth are adapted for a chewing of vegetable fibers, but not for a meat breaking. And then, the baby whose growing organism most of all needs protein receives it only from mother`s milk. And any herbivore manages meatless all life. Means, animal protein is not so irreplaceable.

Often it was necessary to hear opinion of fans of sausages that meat is necessary for normal development of a brain, allegedly meatless and the head will cease to work. But, strange business, Pythagoras, Socrates, Platon, Plutarch, Leonardo da Vinci, John Milton, Isaac Newton, Voltaire, Franklin, Jean - Jacques Rousseau, Bernard Shaw, Shelley, Lev Tolstoy, Rabindranath Tagore, Albert Einstein and many others - were vegetarians. Someone still considers a brain of vegetarians insufficiently developed?!

But, of course, dispute of the vegetarian and meat eater inherently does not make sense. Also the psychological aspect of refusal of meat or on the contrary its overconsumption in food is important here. Possibly, everyone will agree to differ. Though it should be noted that more and more people refuse meat food and join the ranks of vegetarians. Harm of meat, in my opinion, is obvious, and here all arguments against vegetarianism are groundless.

Today the set of researches which confirmed that correctly picked up vegetarian diet not only is not harmful was conducted, and it is even useful to a human body. It is capable to satisfy food needs of people of all age, including pregnant women and the feeding women. It is noted also that thanks to such food the content of saturated fats, cholesterol and animal protein decreases, and the content of carbohydrates, celluloses, magnesium, potassium, folic acid and antioxidants such as C and E vitamins and phytoncides respectively increases. Such indicators as noticeable weight reduction cannot but please. Vegetarians suffer from an elevated pressure, coronary heart disease, diabetes, a cancer of intestines and prostate less often. the Choice, certainly, always remains to

for you. It is important to listen to the organism and to understand what you want actually.