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Animals on the road - what to do?

In forest areas very often on the road meet the sign Carefully, animals! So in what here danger? What the situation when on the road as if from - under lands, " differs in; grows an animal, from a situation, when under wheels rushes pedestrian? There is a lot of essential distinctions, and it is necessary to work here, certainly, differently.

Whatever spoke green fanatics human life is more important, than animal life. Therefore it is necessary to think here, generally of safety of the driver and passengers. So it is better not to undertake a detour of an animal. Animals not so seldom appear on country routes where the speed of the movement is very high. Going round lovely animal you risk to take off on a roadside or an oncoming lane. Consequences can be catastrophic.

Small animals do not constitute special danger. Having run over a dog, you will not endanger the car, and, especially, the health. At least, physical. Of course, if there is opportunity, God`s creature life should not be deprived. For this purpose press on a brake, but do not make an attempt to go round an animal. But also with a brake it is necessary to be more careful. The sharp stop can lead to multiple injuries of the driver and passengers, including very serious. The risk is especially big if you are not fastened by seat belts. In this case at sharp braking of people can take off through a windshield, and then on it the car can pass.

Large animals are much more dangerous. They can seriously damage the car, and it is possible and to put you essential mutilations. Therefore where on the highway there can be cows, horses, deer, etc., it is necessary to watch closely the road. Having seen published such animal, it is necessary to dump speed and to give it the chance to leave the road. If the animal suddenly appeared directly before a cowl of your car, quickly, but carefully press on a brake. The detour is extremely difficult here: in panic the animal can rush about on the road here and there. Therefore you should not twist a wheel, to maneuver.

After the danger passed, do not press on gas at once! The animal frightened by a sound can run on the road, having created serious danger to the motorists going further. For the same reason it is impossible to signal.

The special category is represented by birds. Here councils for avoiding of collision cannot be given. However, this danger is actual generally for motorcyclists. The motorist is threatened at worst by the broken windshield and the spoiled mood.

Remember that animals are especially active in the evening, at sunset. If on the road there is a warning sign, reduce speed better. Especially it needs to be done if you pass on rural areas. Remember that from - for animals there is many road accident, many of which terminate in death. As it is sad, the death threatens not only to an animal, but also the person. Be careful on roads - it is guarantee of your safety!