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What difficulties children`s eyes in the first days of life face?

Unlike many other bodies which finish the formation on the first year of life of an eye till the birth are rather created. In spite of the fact that the kid begins to open eyes at mother in a tummy, at once after birth it is waited by a set of unexpected surprises...

In the first seconds after the birth the kid faces a serious problem: AROUND ALL SUCH BRIGHT AND SHINING, and in a tummy at mother he so got used to darkness... But why the baby who got used to darkness does not grow blind from such sharp change of lighting? It is provided by the careful nature, its pupils still very narrow (about 1,5 mm).

Taking the first breath, the little peanut does the first attempts to better make out beloved mummy and everything that surrounds it. But here it is waited by one more unexpected opening: The WORLD is INDISTINCT AND TURNED HEAD OVER HEELS AROUND! But also children`s eyes quickly enough cope with it, the visual device of the kid develops together with it.

The following difficulty which waits the baby is INABILITY to FOCUS the LOOK, from - for what the accurate picture of the world is impossible. When the kid does attempts to record the look on some subject, one, other eye leaves aside, therefore slight squint is quite natural on the first month of life.

The child learns to focus sight and to watch objects at once, exactly thanks to sight the kid obtains 90% of information on the outside world. This skill will appear at it only to monthly age. Eyes - and those change the color within the first year of life! From the birth they at all gray, and become then blue, brown, green...

Parents should consider that in the first months eyes of the baby are most sensitive to yellow and green tones, and blue, lime and beige shades calm nervous system and eyes please, in such flowers it is possible to make the nursery. Completely visual system at the kid will be created only by three years.

Not to do much harm to eyes of the baby, toys should be suspended not closer, than on distance of the extended handle of the kid. From - for age far-sightednesses, to the child it will be difficult to consider them if they are closer.

Also should protect eyes of the kid from direct ultraviolet rays. From bright light the crystalline lens grows turbid that can lead to development of a cataract.

At first the baby still has no protective reflex in the form of a smykaniye a century at approach to them any subject and a slezka the kid did not learn to allocate yet... So it is worth being accurater and not to touch eyes of the baby with hands or edges of clothes, it can cause to the kid unpleasant feelings. You should not forget that at infantile age health of the kid for many years ahead is put.