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Whether to throw out stale bread?

That the first comes to your mind when you hear the word " bread;? And how in your family treat bread? I think if to aim and carry out opinion poll on this subject directly on streets of the city, then the vast majority of respondents will answer something it seems: Bread - to all the head Bread is life Without bread you will not gorge on etc. Options there can be, of course, a huge set, but the sense them will be reduced to one. For the Slav bread is not just a food product, and even not simply main course on a table (though until now the word " bread; it is often used as a synonym to the word food ) . Bread is one of the major vital values. Not incidentally etymologically word zhito it is connected with the word life . Therefore even crumbs from a table at our ancestors could not be thrown out. As a last resort, fed with them birds or pets.

Me when I was small, explained that bread is my force . And still told about times when in general it was very difficult to survive, the hunk of bread shared equally in a family and was appreciated worth its weight in gold. I listened to it, kneading oil sandwich, and thought of how it is good that now we should not worry about it. Went to the next booth, bought long loaf - and it is happy!

But, as we know, the children`s mentality is very inspired. Here and now the confidence that it is necessary to make thrifty use of bread sits in my subconsciousness. And plainly - also I cannot explain that why. In it there is some knowledge which remained to us from ancestors. I, of course, will not be able to convince the opponents of all esoterics and also people who are zealously rejecting any traditions of anything. From the point of view of economic feasibility, there is nothing terrible in throwing out an unfinished chunk of bread, - it costs kopeks! But unless today really everything is measured by money?

Slavs considered bread and salt as the products bearing sacral sense. Bread symbolized wellbeing and welfare, wealth and health. Our relation to bread, even stale, is our attitude towards itself and towards own happiness.

Sceptics will begin to assure me that in it there is no communication. That there are rich people who rage with " fat; are able to afford red caviar to lower in a toilet bowl (and we here about mouldy bricks we interpret!) . And something it does not affect a condition of their purses in any way.

And again I make a helpless gesture. I have nothing to oppose to these iron to arguments! Memory and traditions of ancestors? Now other time, other values (interestingly, what?) traditions of ancestors let are kept in the museums. After us the deluge! And we continue to sink in own inspirituality

However I distracted. Finally, to you to decide what to do with stale bread. In principle, it is not so difficult to buy it exactly so much how many it is necessary that it did not manage to harden. Birds can crumble the remained stale bread. It is possible to bring to the village for chickens. Or to type in any searcher the phrase stale " bread dishes; - and you will see that stale bread it is indeed not obligatory to throw out or put at the mercy to pets. And, croutons and kvass are not the only thing that can be prepared from it. But, perhaps, it is already a subject of separate conversation

in conclusion wants to tell that regardless of the fact that we do with stale bread, all - you should not give in on provocation the time and to forget wisdom of our prapraprapraded... Perhaps so we will learn to strive for the happiness, appreciating at the same time that we have today and now.