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How to get acquainted on the street, or the Girl, the girl, and what is your name?

Today we will start studying of such unsteady subject how acquaintance on the street to the girl who attracted to us or (and why is not present?) young man. It appears, among the companions who became skilled in this case there is the whole strategy correct and, the main thing, very effective acquaintance on the street. Nowadays we will mark out three basic cunnings of twisting of the street novel.

The first of them is called - the concept of places. For success of the started enterprise one of the major factors influencing a successful outcome of the enterprise is correctly chosen place. And so, the most successful place will be where people have no specific objective, there is free time and it is slightly boring. These are squares, parks, boulevards, beaches, coffee houses, clubs, etc. The matter is that in these parts our subject of attention has no purpose. And she (he) quite easily makes contact.

The second cunning applicable only for acquaintance to girls, is that it is necessary to approach two young ladies. The matter is that if their two, then, in - the first, they, most likely, just gad idle (or even, in case of implementation of the rule concepts of places - wait for acquaintance), and in - the second, the statistics shows that at singles the protective complex because to one man, in their opinion, dirty sticks, and to two by definition works, it is impossible to stick. Let`s sing of praise to female logic and to business!

Well and, at last, the most effective method of street acquaintance is called - contrast. For its implementation the male street mugger gets out boorishly adjusted, sexually anxious pyan or just. Pyan moves on the boulevard, sitting down by everyone, and by all on average in 5 minutes it is sent away, creating a magnificent background for us. And then we, movable after I excite, we will be apprehended more not less as beautiful knights, the Welsh princes, and sunlike heroes in a tiger skin.

Well and finally there is a wish to place once again emphasis that:

- all of us are people;

- an opposite sex - not the humanoid whose logic is incomprehensible;

- elementary lack of fear of communication and ability to connect a couple of words - 99% a success guarantee;

- and, at last, sincere sympathy to to the subject it is always felt by it, be it even thick-skinned as a hippopotamus. And when the person sees that he is interesting to the interlocutor, he feels flattered and itself takes steps to rapprochement.