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How there was a ladies` handbag?

Historians claim that history of women bags began with a pocket. For the first time pockets appeared in the 17th century on Louis XIV`s camisole, later they settled down on a vest, and then appeared already and on trousers.

Till this happy time of a coin carried in sacks. At men they hung on a belt, and at women - under a skirt (it is interesting that presently women began to hide money in other secluded place). After emergence of pockets of the man began to be content with them, and women were accepted to develop sumochny line. They carried small handbags - the sacks intended for storage of small objects. Already then these bags were made of various materials, had the different forms and jewelry.

In the Middle Ages money stacked in pockets for good (Gurteltasche) which fastened to a belt and along with it to a belt fastened also a leather sack for small change. These XIV-XV centuries pockets both men, and women carried. At the Burgundian yard they were part of a court toilet, - called them omonyer .

At the time of late Gothic the whole collections of sacks of the most different form and size were created. They were carried on a lace and at a belt, and walking was followed, thus, by a melody of a monetary ringing.

In the XVII century of the woman began to carry the embroidered, knitted, wattled handbags ornated by beads and bugles - tobacco pouches (handbags). The fashion changed radically, and bags ceased to hide in pockets and under a skirt, - sought to show them to the whole world.

In the 18th century appeared ladies` handbags from matter or lace, called them pompadour in memory of a favourite of the French king Louis XV. Rich ladies competed in production of elaborate handbags. In the same time the women`s clothing had secret pockets sewed in lateral seams at skirts.

At the beginning of the 20th century tight long skirts with interception below knees became fashionable, - here just there was no place for pockets. And (hurrah!) the size of bags began to increase promptly. Women of fashion began to get big handbags on a long thong or a thong - a chain. And soon there were rigid handbags which are a prototype our, modern, bags.

A legendary bag of Birkin

the Legend says that history of creation of a cult bag began in inside of the plane when the model, the actress and the singer Jane Birkin (Jane Birkin) complained to the head of Hermes firm by a lucky chance sitting in the neighbourhood that cannot pick up to itself a convenient bag in any way. I will make to you a bag which you will never leave - the gallant neighbor promised it. The first bag appeared in 1984.

According to other version, the sketch of a bag was thought up and outlined by the actress. It incidentally dropped sketches, and helped it to pick up them... the representative of Hermes who suggested to make a bag and to name it Birkin.

For what Birkin`s bag is so known? Why it so strongly excites minds of women?

It is known that it is made of veal skin, sometimes - of leather of a crocodile. It is steady against emergence of scratches, at the same time soft and nice on the touch. The accessories are made of gold or palladium. It also has the lock which is closed on a key. I do not know what in it it needs to be closed because the bag is a fortune. The average price of a bag of Birkin reaches $27000, and to wait for the turn persons interested catch it can from two to five years.

It is obvious that so high price means not only faultless quality of a bag of Birkin. Buying this bag, people buy a legend.

The museums of bags

In Tokyo are even the museum of bags (Handbag Museum) in which contain more than 3000 exhibits brought from all corners of the world. Bags of the various sizes and appointments - from tobacco tobacco pouches to ladies` handbags are presented to attention of visitors.

The similar museums are also in Australia and Holland.

As men joke, the women bag is an analog of men`s garage (some ladies manage even to lose the most unexpected things in the bag as it often happens to males in garage). For this reason women could not limit themselves to a small sack under a skirt in any way, they gave preference to more capacious and practical bags which abundance we also observe today.