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Whether there is life outside the city? The qualifier of vacationers

On the textbook qualifier on an otdykhovedeniye there are two class or the tribe of holiday-makers: Eskvayra and Voyagers. If there are tribes, that is and the island on which they live...

Eskvayra , or land owners, - more ancient tribe. They spend all the free time in country residences. Thirst for the earth at Eskvayrov is ineradicable. They are sure that the best rest can be only on the personal plot which is fenced off on an ancient habit, from neighbors a two-meter fence. Eskvayra on the nature are wise and slow. All of them can be divided into two types conditionally: Workaholics and Gamachniki.

Workaholics constantly grow up what much quicker and cheaper to buy in the nearest shop. My cucumber is longer, than at the neighbor - motto of any Workaholic. Workaholics are physically stronger, than Gamachniki, and there is no wonder if to remember constants it is repair - construction works and sadovo - garden activity.

Hobby Gamachnikov - walks on the pine wood and collecting of cones. Process of collecting usually is followed by okha and akha. In fields Gamachnikov it is easy to distinguish on presence of nets at them for catching of butterflies. In the evenings they, lying in the hammock and looking round economy, quietly postanyvat: Really all this mine .

Workaholics and Gamachniki dislike each other. Having become as the fates decree neighbors, they get sentry dogs or fit fences a barbed wire. Are separately rather safe. The best way to gain their trust is the phrase: Ah, what beautiful house at you. You could not show us it? .

Voyagers , or travelers, - the tribe which appeared on the island not so long ago. Earlier they were also Eskvayrami, but when the political situation changed about fifteen years ago and borders opened, land owners had an opportunity to have a rest on other islands.

The part of them immediately used a situation and, having changed the tribe, began to develop actively the new world from Sharm el-Sheikh to Courchevel.

Voyagers - the tribe smaller in the physical relation, than Eskvayra, but also much more mobile. It it is possible even to appear in lack of money on the neighboring island, having caught the yacht passing by by means of the thumb raised up.

Cases when the most desperate Voyagers stopped in the similar way the planes which were flying by over the island are known, but it is more likely a legend. So to speak, local folklore.

Social composition of Voyagers is very non-uniform. Among them is so-called of Plyazhniki . They prefer to be dried on the sun for days on end in the company similar, without any constraint parading all physical merits and demerits. Plyazhniki - males have a body structure, friable in comparison with other travelers. Their favourite drink - beer. Plyazhniki - samochka the most attractive view from all earlier listed. They, unfortunately, get, generally to local natives. Rookeries Plyazhnikov are, as a rule, fenced from the main world. Other Voyagers called by Drivers , consider it absolutely correct as, in their opinion, lying on the beach that other as an occupational disease.

Drivers - a special caste. Their drug - adrenaline. Emission of this substance in blood leads to indescribable delight which will never understand neither Plyazhniki, nor, especially, Eskvayra. After rest Drivers get home, as a rule, with the broken extremities and hematomas on a face.

Especially do not love Drivers insurance companies.

It should be noted that on the island there is a small layer of people who cannot be classified correctly. They carry out all life in the stone jungle, and no force will expel them from there. In some reference books they are classified as of Botanists , or Nerds. At Botanists frontal lobes are very developed. Their physical state causes serious fear in the family. As a rule, it is programmers and system administrators. The botanist who is let out on the nature feels strong concern and alarm. If in time not to hand it the laptop with connection to the Internet, the Botanist can have a nervous breakdown which is smoothly passing into a preinfarction angina.

Quite perhaps, there are also other types of vacationers in the country, but they are still unknown to science.

Good to you rest in the country!