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What is bookcrossing (bookcrossing)?

every day our world become more and more computerized. We cannot imagine that any more day when with pleasure opened the newspaper or the book, now we read news on the Internet, we download to ourselves books in a PDA or to mobile phones. We slowly begin to forget about printing media, not only about newspapers, but also about books. But, if with newspapers the situation is is deplorable, then books began to rescue the Internet, more definitely not, books, but bookcrossing, that is, in translation from English, travel of the book .

The system of travel is very simple. You approach the home library and examine each shelf to choose the book which you would like to allow to read people. When a choice is made, you visit the necessary website and register printing creation. After you get a registration number, will have to specify that place where you will forget the book. For example, on a bench near it - that houses or in it - that cafe. Then you will be able to beggar your book.

However, travel can sometimes not begin because some passerby will grasp your book, and it will stay at it on the shelf everything the life, without having seen the world.

History of bookcrossing is not big at all. There was it in America on April 7, 2001, that is, this year to it absolutely only six years were executed recently. The creator of the first website on book travel Ron Hornbeker was the first bookcrosser. Having forgotten couple of books in one of cafe, it left in them a note that found it was noted on the created website.

As it appeared, the such idea was pleasant to people, and at once received huge popularity. In a year library of travelers of books was replenished on 300 books daily.

Already millions of books travel all over the world, and 500 thousand bookcrossers are busy with this business which not only brings knowledge, but also a certain share of pleasure.

Such occupation reached the CIS countries all a year ago - we always pursue the West. But nevertheless and this occupation gained huge recognition again, and already thousands of people are involved in this case. Every day in various corners of the city people leave books which can bypass all globe for few years, and then besides fall of you into hands.

Bookcrossing is not just occupation by a chaotic exchange of books, this peculiar creation of world book club. However, it is thought not bad up? In the future creators the traveling books want to create the world reader`s club. I hope, you already asked a question of how it turns out that the club will exist worldwide. The idea is in that by means of the Websites any person who can read could find the same people interested in it.

And the most pleasant that bookcrossing has no bans. You want - you carry on the world your favourite novels or just books of which you want to get rid, or if they simply were not pleasant to you. Without having been pleasant to you, the book can please other person.

Also you remember if you suddenly found the book on the street, then do not take away it at all if it is not addressed to you, otherwise you deprive of somebody pleasure from reading of this or that work.