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How it is impossible to increase a breast?

As many girls and women dream to increase the breast size! And at the same time terribly are afraid to lay down under a knife that is surgeon`s scalpel. Demand gives rise to the offer, and here everywhere appear various national recipes increases in ladies` delights.

At best these recipes do not yield any result (as, for example, eating of tons of cabbage). - bring us in the worst under that hated knife of the surgeon. Only already with other, much more serious problem.

Reflections of the woman trying to increase a bust by means of various national techniques remind coquetry the schoolgirl trying to make abortion by means of grasses and the hot bathings advised by careful mummy responsible for incident . Perhaps, these words sound roughly. But, maybe, it will save you from rash actions.

Cabbage - a magnificent source of vitamin C, cellulose and other useful substances. Only from where the belief undertook that this wonderful vegetable influences breast volume, it is obscure. Perhaps, it is connected with the ancient belief devoting this or that vegetable to this or that heavenly body. The cabbage contacted the Moon - a feminine symbol. Perhaps, for this reason " vegetable; increases a bust is also a perennial spring of babies.

Though some experts nevertheless consider what the substances which are contained in cabbage really promotes growth of a breast during its formation. To Lean on it it makes sense till 18 years. However, this influence is extremely insignificant. But such diet will not do harm, moreover, sulforafan, contained in this vegetable, is irreplaceable in prevention of cancer diseases. Therefore at any age allocate to cabbage the place in the diet - you eat it at least once in a week.

For increase in a breast many experts advise is greasy food - vegetable and animal oils, cod liver etc. Well, here it is necessary to be fair. If you go on such diet, the breast, most likely, will increase. As well as all other volumes - at the expense of fatty tissue.

Broth of cones of hop makes sense also. But whether it is better to use them in the form of beer at once? The matter is that here the hormones rendering contain as it was told, influence on growth of a breast. Only hormonal tablets in this plan it is unlike safer. Besides, whether you why before reception of hormonal means recommend to consult with the doctor reflected?

The following councils are much more dangerous. It is very often possible to meet council to give breasts elasticity by means of rubdowns or douches by cold water. Never so do! The breast will really increase - sharply and painfully. Overcooling can quite provoke developing of a tumor, mastitis. Similar sores strongly increase further risk of development of breast cancer.

The same can be told also about warmings up of a breast which allegedly can increase a breast. Perhaps, this belief is connected with the fact that when the breast grows, its temperature increases. In other words, it is confused prichinno - investigative communication. Such confusion, again - can cause developing of tumors.

Together with Efremov`s novel Tais Afinskaya widely the recipe of increase in a breast by tsikuta juice rubbing in extended. And in the same novel it was told to what pernicious consequences it can lead. Tsikuta is a poison. By the way, this poison was accepted by great Socrates. Rubbing in of juice of a tsikuta is incomparable more dangerously than a surgery.

Generally, be extremely careful with national recipes and, especially, with Dietary supplements. By the way, about dietary supplements. As a rule, the bioadditives intended for increase in a breast contain an enormous dose of hormones. It leads to the most unpredictable consequences.

Generally if you really resolved to change a shape of a breast, go not to the healer, and to the surgeon. Modern operation is a hundred times safer than the vast majority effective folk remedies. Besides, it it is incomparable more effectively.