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Ladylove or Lady of a liver? " Hemoglobin; - it sounds tasty!

Ya precisely I remember that outside there was a fine day when the girlfriend brought to me a miracle - a piece of paper on which it was written, judging by ingredients, the recipe. And judging by the name - a disgrace because the name literally caressed hearing: liver " cake; " Hemoglobin;.

Swinging a bumazhention, the girlfriend demanded without hesitating seconds to rush in shop to start culinary actions as it is possible quicker. But, knowing in itself susceptibility to any adventures before giving in to passion somewhere for some reason to run, I reflect. Seconds about eight Sometimes longer Ten .

The benefit, shop in my house and all bustle with purchase of ingredients did not take me also fifteen minutes. And ingredients were the following:

1. Liver chicken - 1 kilogram (generally in the recipe it appeared beef, but the girlfriend so authoritatively declared that any will approach that I did not decide to object).

2. Eggs - 4 pieces (we bought 10 as it was stipulated that if some tasteless mess, but not delightful " turns out; " Hemoglobin; we will fry fried eggs with cheese)

3. The walnuts cleared - 200 grams (they directly in packaging were on sale and having reached the house, we from packaging picked out and ate about a quarter)

4. Garlic - 4 - 6 teeth (we did not buy it, dangled at home). By the way, in the recipe it was not written what size there has to be a garlic therefore from half the dried-out and thin head we dug up somewhere about fifteen small segments of the size of a kind sunflower sunflower seed.

5. Mayonnaise - a bag of 400 grams.

6. Cream - 200 grams (triangular such pyramid, exactly on a glass)

7. Oil for frying - it was at home it Turned out

that the liver should be overwound. What we did almost successfully. Two thirds overwound, and the meat grinder zavypendrivatsya then and I proshorkat the remained third on a large grater (I never do not recommend to anybody and, it is better to press through through a colander ). In hepatic suspension eggs were beaten out and cream is poured out. The pepper and salt is strewed. And, purely pro forma, this business is shaken up by a nimbus. At once it is necessary to recognize that mix looked awfully.

" Cream; prepared even more cheerfully. In a cup mayonnaise was poured out, in it nuts on which we walked previously a skalochka are filled. There all our garlic was peredavlen a chesnokodavka. Having stirred this granular structure a spoon, I with melancholy thought of salad simple and clear to me from a liver which way of preparation has nothing in common with " Hemoglobin;.

Most interesting it, of course, there was a process. On the greased warmed frying pan mix flew (process extremely reminded a blinopecheniye). From above it was covered, for about 4 - 5 minutes. As soon as top part of " pancake; grabbed well, that is ceased to resemble crude and to let out rozovenky juice, - pancake carefully gave all the best on a dish. We spread bottom up, because the bottom reminded in the color simple, habitual cutlet

Directly hot - pancake was greased with mayonnaise cream, and from above already kept within appeared in time another In total at us 10 pancakes - cake layers turned out, but the quantity them, most likely, depends on the size of a frying pan and a habit of the culinary specialist there are semi-finished products The girlfriend at me for example, so stole two cake layers Told that they are not enough krugla and are presentable.

From above on cake filled the remained nuts and leaves of parsley. And, overcoming keen desire to cut still warm " Hemoglobin; - pushed work for an hour in the refrigerator.

Naturally we did not sustain hour and in forty minutes cut to pieces the masterpiece

(by this time we already ran behind beer, cooked potato, and even already oil filled with large such pieces). Test was removed in a complete silence. Synchronous hryask behind ears - it is not counted.

I forgave To " Hemoglobin; in total. The anatomic name, the erased three fingers, a gloomy look in preparation stages, preparation which I considered wildly labor-consuming . I all forgave it, for it, not similar to anything, marvelous taste The Masyusenky piece which remained by the evening was estimated by the beloved who made me swear for the next day to prepare same most, but big . I explained lack of whole cake with the fact that it was the experimental sample and it prepared for the purpose of approbation and improvement and. etc., etc.

Someone fairly noticed that there are Ladyloves, and there are Ladies of a liver... And if the first are always perceived positively, then it is quite possible to consider the second in the same key with the help " Hemoglobin; Good luck!