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How to find the good hairdresser?

to Find the good hairdresser - very complex and important challenge to which many women sometimes devote till some years. The ugly hairstyles, difficult but which are not suitable you hairdresses at all, the spoiled hair - here through what sometimes should be passed in such search. And here your life lights up with light - you found the hairdresser! Some time you go happy, happy and fantastically beautiful. And suddenly your stylist leaves salon. Where it got to now, you, certainly, in salon will not tell. And search is started anew.

There are several moments which will allow you to accelerate search and to simplify it. In - the first, remember that the stylist needs to be born. Therefore the highly experienced gray-haired maiden by no means is not always better than the young probationer from hairdresser`s courses. Though experience, of course, superfluous does not happen.

The certificates and awards received at advanced training courses and at competitions, certainly, speak about art of this stylist. But consider that services of such master will cost considerably dearer. At the same time it is not obligatory at all that it really the best. Though among deserved stylists the to find much more simply.

It is quite good to take advice of the girlfriend. If, of course, this girlfriend is really well cut and well-groomed. But nevertheless strongly you should not be encouraged. It is quite possible that you have with it different tastes both in respect of hairdresses, and in respect of service. By the way, at once be defined whether the master who does work quickly and in strict accordance with your plans, or the one who does work carefully and is capable to show all the imagination on your head is necessary to you. In the first case you will be insured from unpleasant surprises, and in the second - will become the owner of unique hairdresses which are not present at one of your classmates or employees.

Having entered into salon, observe a little masters. It can be made, for example, accompanying the same girlfriend. Very important, in what the hairdresser is dressed what hairdress at it. If it is the woman, pay attention to a make-up and manicure. In a case with the man pay special attention to nails: degree of their ukhozhennost will tell a lot of things about their owner. Appearance of the hairdresser will tell you about his taste and about the relation to the work.

The good hairdresser surely talks to the client. The stylist is a special type of the psychologist. Its task consists in finding out taste, habits, character of the client. Its occupation is very important. The choice of a hairdress depends on these factors.

The good hairdresser never flatters. If the woman has bad hair, dandruff, she gives preference to a hairdress which to it does not go, the stylist will surely pay attention to it. He will advise how to eliminate a defect or to disguise it.

The hairdresser, creating a hairdress, never has to follow the tastes of the client if that is wrong. For example, if the woman asks to cut hair well, and the stylist knows that in that case, having dried, hair will badly lie and the hairdress will turn out ugly, he has to explain it to the client. Even if she insists, the hairdresser needs to refuse this idea. Words well you so asked for the good stylist are inadmissible.

Having found, at last, the hairdresser, be loyal to him. Go only to it - so it will be easier for it to remember your hair, your tastes and habits. It is necessary to be on friendly terms with the hairdresser. Thinly hint it that if he takes in head to replace the place of work, let will surely warn you about it and will give new coordinates. Otherwise all works will come to nothing.