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Where and how it is possible to get acquainted?

there Came the spring, and somehow sharply the love wanted, attention and any other pleasures of life. But all this is a hundred times more pleasant when someone who can share with you your pleasure is near. And now we will pass to how it to find someone and as / with it to get acquainted with it.

Conclusion the first: can always and everywhere get acquainted that pleases.

1. It is possible to get acquainted on the street. Also there is in it nothing bad. For example, often ask me how where to pass. If you have the same case, then it is possible not only to tell how to pass, but also to spend the person with words that you just there went. And on the road to get acquainted, to talking, as they say, all the rest - a trick.

2. Literally the other day, wandering about a big supermarket, understood that this just ideal place for acquaintances. However, there is a danger that the guy already with the girl. But it is not so difficult to define it. If it in hands, so at it at least has a list the girl and as at most the wife and even, maybe, children. If its cart is hammered food but not what also quickly prepares then two conclusions: or he all - the person family, or it just likes to cook. But the option first is more probable here. The most suitable candidate goes on ranks and at random puts those products which are evident, fills the cart any yogurts, quick-cooking cereals, pelmeni, meat and other purely man`s food.

3. It is possible to get acquainted, in general, in any shop, and to begin conversation with anything. From whether there is to you this jacket before approval of the choice of this or that sweater of your already new acquaintance.

4. It is also possible to be trained on places of cultural rest: theaters, museums, exhibitions. Here it will be pertinent to take an interest as well as that was pleasant / it was not pleasant. If it is any specialized exhibition (cars, furniture, goods for the house etc.) it is the best of all, without being confused, to ask to help council, to resolve your torments of the choice etc. of

5. It is possible and is necessary to get acquainted in places of a big congestion of people, somehow: areas, parks, boulevards and other. One my friend got acquainted with the guy, having just heard his loud dialogue with the friend on the fact that there is a wish at the sea. She with the girlfriend just approached them and told that they want at the sea too.

6. In discos, in night clubs and the other entertaining institutions

just God ordered to get acquainted. Somehow in the summer (we with the girlfriend had a rest together at the sea, but that evening she was unwell a little) I decided to go to do some shooting in a shooting gallery. At first I shot one, more was nobody. Then ran to many people, but I all the same remained the only girl in this shooting collective, besides the tag suffices. And in the conditions of deficiency and in general in such remarkable conditions, all of us amicably got acquainted.

7. Even for acquaintance it is useful to lead active lifestyle, to go to the pool, the gym, on exercise machines. Why not to go to some seminar or training? It is useful, pleasantly, it is a lot of new people and impressions. There is an option to sign up for some courses, but such that there for certain there were persons of an opposite sex (hardly on dress-making courses you will meet the Prinze).

8. There is still an alternative way of acquaintance - on the Internet. Options of virtual communication, since simple chats, dating sites, and finishing a huge set any thematic communities.

You can think up other options of acquaintances, it is not so difficult.

Conclusion of the second: probability that will want to get acquainted with you, more, than probability that it will be told you about the subsequent direction of your movement. So if you were not lucky, think of it on the other hand why to you to get acquainted and communicate with such rough and unpleasant people.

Conclusion the third: most often we are afraid of what actually you should not be afraid of, but when we overcome the fears and we will become surer, to us becomes easier and more cheerful to live.

Total: it is possible to get acquainted and it is necessary, it increases your chances if not to find the half, then to bring together around itself interesting people, loyal friends, good interlocutors and a lot of things are many other things.