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How to make fruit salad in a water-melon?

We with my friend Tanya do not differ in special culinary talents and eagerness to prove everyone and everything that we are good hostesses. Like most of modern girls, having caught a saying The Place of the woman - in kitchen we sincerely are perplexed how so archaic postulate could live up to now.

Of course, it does not mean at all that we bypass kitchen on a gun shot and we eat only semi-finished products and fruits of works of professional cooks. Besides from time to time it is so pleasant to overcome a notorious route His Stomach - his Heart .

But besides, it does not mean at all that we are good hostesses. Therefore, once again going on a visit to Tanya, I also could not expect that all my beliefs concerning her culinary abilities will be destroyed once and for all. The matter is that that day guests were waited by not a traditional table on which today`s specials (mashed potatoes, " salad were exposed; " Russian salad; herring under a fur coat, meatballs, cucumbers and tomatoes salad, roast chicken), and some violence of the imagination which brought me into a full stupor.

Looking at numerous dishes, I endeavored to understand what is, that. Finally I was finished by the basket which is carefully cut out from a water-melon peel and filled with something bright and beautiful. I presented Tanya who is engaged in cutting out of this masterpiece and understood what was meant by Socrates, claiming I know only that I know nothing .

I remember that everything was very much and very tasty. After a dinner I diligently rewrote recipes of exotic dishes in the daily log. It appears, my friend decided to surprise all and chose the most unusual and effective dishes from the recipe-book presented to it once by the former beloved. And his (beloved) could be understood. Those years the cheese sandwiches placed in the microwave oven were the Taniny crown dish.

Over time notes of the unaccomplished cook got lost in time together with the old daily log, and here Salad in a water-melon I prepare still. It is traditional decoration of a table, and in combination and very tasty dessert. There is its recipe:

It will be required to you:

of 300 g of pulp of yellow melon,

of 300 g of pulp of a water-melon

2 clusters of black grapes (without stones)

of 150 g of the cleared walnuts

1 lemon

of 100 g of

icing sugar of 100 ml of cognac

First of all, it is necessary to prepare capacity for salad. For this purpose it is necessary to cut out from the whole water-melon (or melons) a basket with the handle. If commission of this action is represented to you too difficult, be not upset. Make a vase without handle. Just cut a water-melon in half and take out pulp. In order that your vase was not rolled with a side sideways, cut a water-melon so that the least round and slippery party was a bottom.

When you created a vase (and the most gifted - a basket) for your salad, start preparation of the dessert. For this purpose cut in cubes a melon, a water-melon and a lemon, in the course of work deleting sunflower seeds, crush walnuts, mix the received weight and add some berry of black grapes. Place ready salad in a vase from a water-melon crust, strew with icing sugar, fill with cognac and put for 1 hour in the refrigerator.

As you can see, it is absolutely simple to prepare so beautiful and original dish. There are also other options of use of a water-melon basket: in it it is possible to serve fruit on a table, without troubling itself preparation of salad.

And in general, any, even it is possible to present the most ordinary food originally and effectively. Guests all the same will note your abilities, let not culinary, so design!