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Who such Gotha and what they are? Part 2

In the previous part of this article (I advise to read to understand about what the speech will go) you got acquainted with such versions is ready as antiquarian Gotha (Antiquity Goth), the punk - Gotha (Darc - punks) and a cyber - Gotha (CyberGoth), and also understood (I hope) in what differences between serious Mopey Goths and stars of the Perky Goth parties. In this article you will get acquainted with the most seldom found types is ready, but, nevertheless, the most interesting.

Many Gotha choose for themselves so-called androgenic style. Androginny appearance designates a bespolost, that is, having met on the street Gotha, drawn towards an above-mentioned esthetics, you hardly define at once who before you: man or woman. Gotha this sample put on skirts, mesh jackets, corsets irrespective of a floor. In clothes latex and vinyl meet. Cosmetics, in particular are very actively used to hide signs of belonging to any floor and to create an image something average between the man and the woman.

Corporate Slave Goth - style is ready, working in the companies where it is accepted to put on by certain rules. They should combine dress code of the company with Gothic style. For girls it is, for example, black long skirts in combination with a lacy shirt, or strict black dresses. Guys use the only possible option - a black business suit. It is few jewelry and accessories. Footwear too habitual - usual boots. A hairdress depending on rules of the company.

GlitterGoth (FairyGoth) - quite unusual style inherent only to girls. Its distinctive feature - a combination of the most different flowers and elements of other styles. In an original form of FairyGoth tried to imitate fairies, however, now such behavior almost does not meet. Clothes - multi-colored tights, tops and skirts, most often bright flowers which are unacceptable for it is ready other styles though black color also quite often meets. However, the bright color scale is used also in hairdresses and even in footwear. Meyk - ap in style 60 - x.

Western Goth - the style generated by Fields of the Nephilim group. From clothes - leather cowboy`s trousers, jeans, leather jackets, Fields of the Nephilim t-shirts, hats. Favourite footwear as it is simple to guess, cowboy`s boots or choppers. Hair are long, natural flowers.

Favourite " attribute; Tribal Goth - piercing. As for clothes, they are original too - the most different materials are used, but something very unusual in total has to turn out and frightening. Footwear - combat boots. Sometimes a hair is dyed in unnatural colors. From jewelry silver or metal chains are most of all widespread.

There is also a Jeans`n`T style - shirt Goth. Gotha, belonging to it, are not allocated with special appearance and are almost indistinguishable from ordinary people.

That`s all for today. Wait for continuation on a gothic style and other subcultures.