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What waits for you on dating sites? Quite often I had to hear

in mass media that of acquaintance by means of the Internet can be quite dangerous . I decided to check, whether so it actually. And at the same time there was a wish to find out what probability to find the soulmate on dating sites.

Registration on one of such websites became my first step. Filled in the questionnaire, provided the photo and began to wait for potential grooms. Whether the spring so works, whether and really there are a lot of lonely hearts, but applicants it appeared even more, than I expected. For two days I managed to communicate almost to one hundred people. Men the most different, from 18 to 50 years, various professions and hobbies wrote.

The main difficulty for me turned out the fact that the interlocutor is hidden from eyes. the Feeling of mistrust and a possible dirty trick was present constantly. However at the same time men willingly left the coordinates and made appointment. It seems, them the fact that in real life the girl can look slightly worse worried much more, than on a photo, than an opportunity to face the criminal.

The vast majority of men as it is sad, did not look for the constant and serious relations. Very many, even without having asked a name, suggested to meet. It somehow suggested me at once an idea of lightness of intentions of the gentleman. Quite often I faced people married and even having children, and, nevertheless, plowing Internet open spaces in search of unknown. In general the picture was presented to me in absolutely unattractive light. To find that only, and, above all - to understand that it it also is - at such communication very hardly. And here the probability to be deceived is very high.

Further I tried to find out whether people think that they are exposed to a certain danger, communicating with the stranger. Results also a little me pleased. Phone number called nearly 100% of my interlocutors without excess arrangements. But, of course, in it there is no special trouble. But here by phone it is already much simpler to agree about a meeting and to find out all interesting details. The address of the man was reported without special difficulties too. And really even did not come to none of their mind that equally well they could give all this information to some bandit who is looking for an easy mark? Even after my direct question to one man whether he is afraid to invite to itself(himself) home the stranger, the determination at it was not lowered. He self-confidently declared that he understands people, and was absolutely convinced that in five minutes of communication could make the correct idea of the person.

Of course, reliability of data which are reported about himself by your interlocutor cannot be checked, perhaps, in any way. But you remember that criminals, as a rule, are also shrewd psychologists , easily gain the confidence and extend all necessary information from the potential victim. So, take yourself for the rule not to tell the virtual acquaintances the address and not to invite them to themselves home what darlings they to you would not seem.

So far you do not go beyond virtual communication, to be afraid, it seems, and there are nothing. But, reporting the phone number, the address, or agreeing about a meeting, you already endanger the property, the life and health. it is possible to Meet in the World wide web of the swindler, blackmailer, sexual pervert or just the thief even more often than in real life. It becomes frequent the Internet the tool in hands of criminals. The hope to find in such a way the half is very illusive too. Cases when network novels came to an end with marriage, there is not a lot of.

Whether it is worth risking? It is everyone has to solve. I need only to advise not to lose the head, not to agree right there to a meeting, and before to try to find out as much as possible about the person. But if you ventured to go for appointment to the virtual beloved, then it is better that it took place in the crowded and safe place. Get acquainted, fall in love, enjoy life and spring, but all - be on the alert that then was not excruciatingly painful.