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From what Spaniards prepare?

Any Spanish culinary specialist respecting himself always has near at hand a stock of products. What? First of all, it is olive oil and garlic . They take the leading place in preparation of the Spanish food. By the way, Spaniards consider that it is better to add to a dish one garlic glove which is small cut than a little, - aroma will be more gentle and more refined. It appears, Spain makes 44% of world olive oil. Andalusia where make the best olive oil of Spain, is considered the homeland of frying of products in hot fan.

Spaniards also like to add a paprika to the culinary masterpieces.

Not to do also without eggs , - the standard omelet on four persons demands some 5 - 6 eggs, and in recipes of the Spanish sweets, at least, 2 eggs are required.

Potatoes are very important and necessary component for preparation of many Spanish soups, macaroni, sauces.

Spaniards put tomatoes , - fresh or prepared - in a set of various dishes. In the refrigerator there will always be fresh tomatoes, and also couple of cans of tomato sauce.

A bottle of red and white wine are stored in the refrigerator, - both for cooking. Storage of wine in the refrigerator does not influence taste if you use it in cooking. In spite of the fact that Spain is more glorified by the red wine, the majority of its vineyards consist of white grades of grapes.

Parsley is used so often in the Spanish food that butchers in benches give it extra.

Yellow onions are used in the well-known Spanish omelets and the most main courses. Red onions because it does not possess a strong smell suit for salads and it is a little sweet.

Rosemary, a thyme and an oregano are three main spices in the Spanish cookery. The saffron gives to rice when cooking beautiful zolotisto - yellow color. Nearly three quarters of a world saffron are grown up in Spain.

The French bread is served to a table steadily - for breakfast (in the form of a torrikhas, for example), a lunch, an afternoon snack and a dinner.

Many Spanish soups and desserts demand milk , preparation of coffee and hot chocolate also does not do without it.

Jamon (jamon) is very valuable food. It is ham of the superior quality. Spaniards so are proud of the ham that there are several museums of ham (museo jamon).

From - for the fact that Spain is surrounded from three parties with water fresh seafood it is always a lot of in the markets, and train them daily. In total from a halibut with shrimps and even octopuses it is possible to find in the markets and in the menu of restaurants. Spaniards (in particular, inhabitants Cadiz) claim that in the XVIII century they invented fried fish.

Wonderful cheeses all types can be tried in Spain. The Spanish cheeses are made from sheep, cow`s, goat milk, and happen and mixed. Color of cheese depends on age - cream color at cheese of manchy (manchego) from La - Mancha, more dark - at cheese of a tetill (tetilla) from Galicia.

Beef, mutton and pork - all three types of meat are widespread and can be baked, fried on coals or are extinguished in sour cream. Spaniards prefer veal and meat of a young lamb or pig. Fried meat - a popular dish for holidays and solemn occasions. Spaniards adore sausage, especially pork with a paprika (chorizo) which is made by houses (in the best family traditions) or buy in the markets.

Chicken is also popular, Spaniards regularly fry her or extinguish.

Fruit and vegetables are the last stroke to dishes, put vegetables in salads crude or fried, and consume daily. Often add zucchini and eggplants to popular dishes. Fruit always stand in a cup on a table, - Spaniards do not lack them. As we already noted earlier, immense amount of fruit led Spaniards to idea of creation of Sangria.

Bean all types eat regularly. Haricot and the Turkish peas (garbanzo haricot) were the main product of the peninsula through many centuries.

Spain - the largest producer of almonds, a filbert and walnuts . Almond desserts on the basis of milk are very widespread. For Christmas the most widespread sweets are candies with almonds (turron). Many recipes of the Arab origin also contain shredded almonds.

Apparently, Spaniards differ in nothing from us, Russians, - in what they too very much like to eat well.

Bon appetit to you! And successful undertakings in preparation of the Spanish dishes!