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What can elderly people surprise with? Whether

Often people of young and middle age think of the fact that they will be elderly? And if such thought also flashes, what we represent? More likely, it is a picture of a sit-round gathering in a court yard and fuss with grandsons. But it appears, advanced age for some is not silent expectation of an outcome, but time for achievements, with undying love to life.

For someone it is a high time for sports victories. For example, whether you know that the inhabitant of the State of Pennsylvania, Andor Kuinbi, began to be engaged in weightlifting at the age of 78 years? At the competitions which took place recently it lifted a bar weighing 45 kilograms in thirst for a belt. And it at a body weight of 56 kilograms and age of 88 years.

And the resident of Japan, Miura Keydzo, at the age of 70 years went down on skis on Shangri`s glacier on Mount Everest, and also on a crater from top of Mount Kilimanjaro. Having celebrated the 100 - the anniversary, he still spends more than six months in a year on ski slopes.

Residents of Russia do not lag behind in sporting achievements also. The former miner, the Muscovite Mikhail Kotlyarov, overcame a marathon distance in 4 hours 17 minutes when he was 78 years old. In present 87 it still runs daily, bathes in an ice-hole in the winter and 130 times are wrung out without interruption.

Except sporting achievements, elderly ladies can try beauty contests. Yes, be not surprised, in them. For the first time in the world such competition was held in Switzerland. Criteria which there had to correspond pretenders are very simple - to go without assistance, to be more senior than 70 years and to live one. The resident of Geneva, Leontyne Vallad became the first queen of such beauty contest.

Some elderly people manage even to get a family in old age. So, in Brazil it was got married between Hoz Fereyta, 83 years, and 14 - summer Iolanthe. And how such age difference seemed strange, it is got married not by calculation. Each of spouses is rich. As we know, all age are obedient to love.

One of incentives feel completeness of life there can to be a work, especially if this lifework. The most elderly taxi driver of the British capital can be such example. 92 - summer Alfred Collins for the first time took the wheel of the cab in far 1937, and left work several years ago, having carried out driving nearly 70 years.

Well, and finally - one more strange story, from the category funny. It is possible to surprise not only achievements, but also funny things too.

The German pensioner who became responsible for the most unusual blockage of the sewerage got into such situation. Sure that DM which were national currency till 2002 have no value any more, it lowered 30000 brands in a toilet bowl. The plumbers who arrived for elimination of a blockage were struck, according to today`s quotations this sum makes about 15300 euros. Fortunately, Europeans still have an opportunity to exchange old money for euro, as the owner of banknotes from the remains of the savings made.

Here elderly people are capable to surprise with such different stories. And there is a lot of these stories. Therefore I wish you long years of life and that taste to it did not vanish.