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How to treat a stress spring depression ?

Scientific the whole world and not only scientific, but also simple people, say that the syndrome of a spring depression occurs practically at every second inhabitant of the planet. What is it and what it is eaten with, and, more precisely, as to fight against it?

I. We are defined in concepts.

If to the concept spring depression to approach from the theoretical point of view, it is possible to break the head going deep into all these jungle psychology, psychoconsciousness and psychosomatics Here even famous Dale Carnegie will not be able to help us if ourselves do not understand everything.

It is banal, but the fact that each person is individual and has unique behavioural strategy. Any individual forms own manner and character of activity, including reaction to external and internal irritants, but often, certain global phenomena influence most of people the same, a difference only in degree of perception of these phenomena each certain person.

And so, the concept of a spring depression consists of two components : in - the first, this our perception and reaction to change of climate, change of a dress code, in - the second, and this the most important, our readiness to accept all this. Everyone will think, well and that here interesting: reaction will be positive as on the street is warmer, the sun warms, and the clothes become easier and more sexual and to prepare for it are simply - naprosto it is necessary to stock up with vitamins, to resemble fitness, to update clothes and to smile to

On a surface - that it so, but if to dig more deeply, then, in effect, a problem spring depressuyushchy it is covered in a stress - a certain reaction to changes, changes. Here - that is also shown identity and degree of an involvement. It seems to us that all winter we wait for approach of spring, and then summer, as if morally we prepare for it. But it is only illusion, actually we get used to winter, to warm and bulky things, by cold and long nights, snow morning. And as soon as we begin to get used to winter frosts, naturally, everyone in own way, our organism adapts, - and there comes the spring. Ridiculously but it so. Here to you and stress.

Besides, it is impossible to forget that the spring is a transition period from winter to hot summer. On the one hand, this time of awakening from hibernation, with another - the unstable period: it seems, it is not cold, but also not hot so far, so to speak, time of waiting (depression). That is why there is also no concept of a summer depression as the spring is the period of a stress which passes by the beginning of summer.

But, really povinuyas to laws of the nature, someone from us wants to be reconciled with the bad condition and mood during a spring season? I think that I am not present. So we go on the warpath with a springtime depression.

II. Survival lessons. Instruction.

We found out that the syndrome of a spring depression is directly connected with a stress. And at all times the artificial stress , it as from a saying was the best weapon against a stress : fights fire with fire . Interpretation is simple: the artificial stress is intentionally situation, created the person unusual, non-standard for it. For example, I! The simple student at whom every day it is possible to describe in brief: study, work, cinema on days off! And suddenly, I register in salsa lessons, three occupations in a week in the evenings, - this a stress, a positive stress (on a note, the negative stress is called as a distress, Hans Selye opened it for us and designated). Also I will tell honestly, remembered a spring depression only when writing this article.

Also there is a set of ways to create to itself an artificial stress. Here one more bright example, my friend and the classmate in one person thought up to herself more exotic occupation, - she decided to learn Turkish and already passed the first level. Now her as in spring cheerful mood and IQ " level; read off scale! Besides, she registered already and in the second level. Both that, and another examples are interesting and not so expensive, besides, are in own way useful, and in life will precisely be useful.

Of course, I could suggest to be engaged in shopping, or to go to travel, but it is everyone has to choose in process of the opportunity. The most important here - to show the imagination, and all the rest (money, time, physical and intellectual capacities) will be put. It is possible to combine, for example, several artificial stresses, that is occupations, unusual to the plavnotekushchy life. Make purchases in sports shops and begin to run in the mornings if you a lark, or in the evenings - if an owl. But here it is necessary to remember that in everything the measure, and even a positive stress if with it " is necessary; to touch can make the destroying impact.

III. Noise elimination.

With the choice of a type of an artificial stress, but you should not give too much time to this choice, everything has to go from heart. There are you down the street and saw a sign on the building Center of floristics also it became somehow interesting: what all this will end with - or I will become the famous florist, or just I will spend time with pleasure and advantage, besides I will get off mind of spring avitaminosis . And that, and other option are very tempting, whether so!?

If it did not happen to meet the future interesting occupation face to face it is worth writing for himself on a clean sheet of paper all kinds of activity which could attract you as a hobby. And then global Internet will help to you to decide on the choice of the optimal solution. That is, you will find places of a congestion of adherents on a geographical position, convenient for you, a monetary contribution and, in general, according to the pleasant and intriguing name of an institution (school, courses, studio etc.) .

IV. Necessary conclusions.

I Hope, you learned the main lesson fight against a stress . Without false self-confidence I will tell that it is a sure bet. There are also other ways, for example, to swallow of dietary supplements with taurine for a tone raising, or to be chucked in chats, forums and dating sites, but it as, I`m sorry, one-time contraception - used and threw out, and recycling leads to undesirable consequences.

Care for yourself, diversify the life, fill it with paints, emotions, and you will see how in hard spring fight you receive for excellent health, great mood and a charming look Gran - at.

Good luck, and artificial stress to you!