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Why we have no money?

So happen that, opening eyes in the morning, you ask yourself a question: Why I such poor why I have no money? . I think, this feeling is familiar to each of us. And quite often we end day with feeling of a full dissatisfaction. But as to get rid of it, the question is even heavier.

Will be enough, it is time to change the life. Ask yourself a question why you have no highly paid work, expensive cars or a smart country house? All this is so real and possible. I think, many will answer so: I am too busy to look for other work I cannot leave for earnings to other city as I have a family, I have children and all in the same spirit. All this only usual excuses, telling to street language. Actually we just do not want to work, for various reasons, but most often it is laziness and fear.

About laziness long we will not tell, that says it all, laziness - it is laziness. Other question is a fear. We are afraid to risk something, to lose something. Us since the childhood all learn to do for certain, fill us with dread to lose something. And it is possible to accuse all of it, even parents, BUT KNOW, ALL PARENTS WANT FOR the CHILDREN ONLY the BEST. Good intentions paved the road to hell .

And think of how often you changed the dream? Time, two, all the time? Isn`t it time to stop and think of the pathetic life?.

First of all should change the relation to life, to see it through a colourful prism. But it does not mean everything to see in iridescent color and to close eyes to all bad, no. Just try to find in everything good, cheerful.

The second - remember the dream, close eyes and mentally realize it, it can be something, beginning from the dollar note and finishing with a dinner with the movie star. You have to formulate accurately the dream, and yourself in it.

Now the desire, the is stronger your desire, aspiration and persistence, the money for implementation of dream will appear quicker. The most important - never to stop.

Change the relation to money, these are not heartless notes which it is possible to kindle a fire. It is money and they demand to themselves respect. Also money loves the account, but it does not mean that they should be considered every five minutes or and it is less of that, it is just necessary to spend them intelligently.

The fifth - obstacles. On any way there are obstacles, the same and on the way to money and wealth. Before any obstacle it is impossible to stop, it should be taken down, bypassed etc. In it, I think, you will understand that it is better for you to do with an obstacle. Losses and losses - they, naturally, will be at each of you. After each obstacle it is necessary just to smile, sit down and analyse all that made. Now you will be insured from this mistake next time. The main thing - to regard loss not as the failure (at the same time to be engaged in self-flagellation and to drive itself into a corner) and as the victory, it is experience - Nobody went from the first .

And how it is frequent, passing across the city, you see something that you very strongly want on a show-window of shop? And what you tell yourself? I think, the majority tell themselves something it seems I cannot afford it or begin to convince themselves that it is not necessary to them. After such words everything is lost, at once and irrevocably as the brain is automatically disconnected and begins to think of another. In such cases tell yourself: How I can afford it? and the consciousness will automatically be adjusted on search of money. There are many ways to earn money!

At the end I want to tell that it is absent anything what you would not cope with, the main thing - not to descend from a way, Knocked yes will open

of Good luck to you, love and patience.