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To what can we learn from Bella Akhmadullina?

on April 10 - birthday of the legendary poetess Bella Akhmadullina. It one of the largest Russian-speaking poets of the end of the XX century, it is that binding thread which connects a Golden and silver age to our reality. Treasure of the Russian poetry - Iosif Brodsky so estimated many-sided talent of Bella Akhmadullina. She is the winner of the State award USSR, the award Triumph State award of Russia For continuation and development of high traditions of domestic poetry it is awarded by the Orders of Friendship of the people, For merits before the Fatherland III degrees and others.

But also to this day, receiving deserved honors, repeats that other writers, architects, mathematicians more it need the state encouragement. And from all vital roles of everything it is lovelier to be for it just the wife of the artist and mother of two daughters.

It never changed the high moral principles, in all possible ways rose in defense pursued and oppressed by the mode. It was forbidden, laughed at it, she was idolized. What actually it, Bella Akhmadullina?

Bella Akhatovna was born in Moscow in heavy for all country 37 - y. She lived the first years of the life in the house where endlessly arrested people. Her relatives survived because the grandmother`s brother was considered as Lenin`s friend .

Mother called the daughter by such unusual name as she was fond of Spain and the Spanish culture.

The poetess did not dream of the foreign countries unless beauty of Georgia very much involved her (at that time Georgia was a part of the Soviet Union): translated the Georgian poets, wrote the essay Dreams about Georgia . However Bella Akhmadullina already from the youth decided that she will never think of that, to go abroad or not. It did not give in to this temptation especially as continuously interceded for someone. And the authorities, naturally, right there blacklisted its surname.

However Bella Akhatovna by right can consider that she lived in happy sixtieth years. In spite of the fact that at this time it was expelled from literary institute. For the signature under the letter in Boris Pasternak`s protection. Its performances in A. Sakharov, L. Kopelev, G. Vladimov, V. Voynovich, A. Solzhenitsyn, S. Paradzhanov, A. Sinyavsky`s protection are also well-known. At that time she was ready to suffer together with them and even for them. It was surprisingly fearless, open, passionate nature.

In this hard time of repressions it only also did that wrote applications. For friends dear to heart. In what - in what, and you will not refuse to it equipment of the letter! Sometimes the authorities made to it concessions. It is necessary to notice, business it was quite risky. Later she participated in not less risky inventions, - from Syntax to Metropol . At that time she also managed to play cinema ( There Lives such guy ), to write the film story ( Pure ponds ) and set of stories and essay. It is difficult to deny the fact that Akhmadullina, Yevtushenko, Voznesensky`s glory, Christmas in 60 - e was comparable years unless with glory of the first Soviet astronauts.

However, having reached such space popularity, she did not forget about the friends. Mainly too poets. She very much highly appreciates feeling of friendship and very much values it. But time changes, people change. Distances divide members of a former poetic brotherhood. Bulat Okudzhava is lost. The circle is narrowed.

Down the street mine which year

steps sound - my friends leave.

But at the despondency moments which since ancient times are considered as a sin because despondency of people risks to extinguish a candle of the spirituality she looks for happiness in friends, is able to love them, to admire them. She is able to notice sincere light which bears in itself(himself) all live. Or inanimate there are no things, or to me they never met - Bella Akhatovna writes. She feels objects as living life. In the life it does everything on conscience ( The Way of conscience is chosen already, and now does not depend on me ).

And the most important, Bella Akhatovna is the convinced optimist with big feeling of self-irony and improbable thirst of life. ( Only the old age lacks. The rest was already made ).

She was well trained in optimism, learned to forgive and not to pay attention to small everyday disorders. It from it only became stronger, and its verses brighter and is lighter.

Not releasing, hidden

having given to fingers a pinch of pain and pollen,

of a bet, having indulged in thoughts eagle,

sparkle and luxuriate, perish and forgive.