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Your natural smell - what it? If you did not watch

, then heard about the movie shot according to Patrik Suskind`s novel Perfumer . Or perhaps even read the book. There it is told about the unfortunate boy whom nobody loved as from him smelled of nothing at all. When the boy grew up, he made spirits of aromas of the most beautiful girls. And when it perfumed, a grief - fell in love with the perfumer so strongly that broke off on pieces.

However, we will discuss not the novel. We will talk about value of natural smells of a body. It is really huge. Your smell accompanies you constantly therefore you, most likely, do not notice it. At once I will stipulate: it will be a question not about aroma long ago not washed armpits and not about a stale smell from a mouth.

As to learn the natural smell? - you ask. It is simple. Be well washed up, and put on a fresh t-shirt. The t-shirt should not smell of powder, the conditioner or still something. When washing do not use strongly flavored shower gels better.

Then go to park to jog. Well propotev, come back home. Began to smell t-shirts and there is a natural smell of your body. If it is unpleasant, most likely, you have some problems with health. If everything is all right, aroma is slightly sourish, sweetish or spicy, but not unpleasant. Began to smell bodies of which all try to get rid, appears as a result of oxidation of the substances which are contained in sweat. Therefore that the smell was pleasant, do not forget to wash.

It is necessary to remember that smoking, alcohol and spicy food sharply change a body smell, and often not to the best. The smell changes and during an illness, in the period of an ovulation and in critical days.

By the way, about critical days . You, probably, and noticed that during this period the body smell strongly changes. And does not save from him even the most careful respect for intimate hygiene. The smell proceeds not only from genitals, but also from all body. At some women it is very strong.

Do not worry if it concerns also to you. Of course, it is not absolutely pleasant when people around can easily guess the come period. However it is impossible to call such smell disgusting. It on the contrary excites many men. However, it does not mean that it is not necessary to watch hygiene.

We often do not think of a natural smell as it accompanies us constantly. We notice it only when it changes and becomes unpleasant. But the fact that we do not pay to it attention does not mean yet that it does not influence us. Aroma acts on subconscious level.

They say that the woman is capable to understand instantly that the man changed, having consciously or unconsciously felt a smell of other woman. The smell of the person strongly influences that, whether we like it or not. Therefore you watch the natural smell.

When you use spirits, your natural smell mixes up with artificial aroma. Therefore the same perfume on different women smells differently. A cheap perfume quite often decays on skin on acid and alcohol. As a result the smell reminding moonshine turns out. Therefore if you cannot buy good perfume, do not use any. apply to

At the choice of perfume a drop of the pleasant spirits on a wrist. Pound and wait at least minute. Then estimate the turned-out result. By the way, on a prichinenevozmozhnost fittings try not to give spirits. Besides, all like different aromas.