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How to train a dog to execute the main commands?

I Welcome all, dear readers!

At once I will make a reservation that for dog breeders with experience my article will seem naive, containing the accepted truths. But remember that time when at you the first time appeared a small canine friend. How many the questions seeming now ridiculous and clear rose before you! One of such problems - bases of education, training of a dog. Optimum the option, certainly, to address the help of professionals - cynologists, to sign up with a dog for courses or to pass individual occupations. However it will demand means, and, often, considerable. And it is possible, also transport for trips « will be necessary; pupil in dog school, not always such school nearby, and not each dog can go by bus or the subway.

So, I want to share experience with those who personally want to teach to master, in other words, to fundamentals of science of dog obedience the pet elements, some major commands of the general course of training. Let`s begin with the main thing - when to start? Opinions in this respect differ. Even it is offered not to injure occupations mentality of a dog about one year. Only how to convince it one-year-old, grown without any bans, shaggy To Mitrofanushk that came it is time to study and obey? It is the best of all to start lessons when to a dog 5 - 6 months are executed. Before education has to have the mediated, accompanying character. So, for example, « team; To Sit - one of the first, is quite acquired and carried out in three months. However if this fixing did not happen - be not upset. The lessons &ndash will begin; also knowledge will come.

For occupations will be required: collar, lead, delicacy (small pieces of cheese, boiled sausage, meat, croutons) and platform. It has to be such place where nobody will be able to prevent you, and you, in the turn, you will disturb nobody, and also no danger will threaten a dog. So, for example, it is impossible to give classes near the carriageway if the territory, certainly, is not fenced. In 3 - 4 hours prior to occupations the dog should be fed. To encourage, that is to praise and give a delicacy, every time at correctly executed command follows. Commands are given by voice accurately, loudly, but not without shout. Are duplicated by gestures. Subsequently commands have to be executed or under the voice order, or on gesture.

« Team; To me! . we extend the Right hand at the level of a shoulder and it is sharp we lower to a hip. The dog has to run up and sit down at the left leg of the trainer, not further 50 cm from it. If at once the dog does not want to approach, it is possible to take couple of steps in the direction from it. At the beginning to working off of this team the privacy is especially important. And that what here To me! when all run and play. At once after the correct performance stroke a dog, tell Well, to me! . Give a delicacy. Only do not take immediately on a lead and you do not take away from walk. Otherwise To me! will be associated with unpleasant and to be carried out suitably. Several times call up just to praise, give a delicacy and to release again to play and run. Ideal - a dog on the first (verbal or sign) suits team, bypasses behind the back of the trainer and sits down at the left leg.

« Team; Walk! . It is accompanied by gesture: the right hand freely is thrown out forward. Unfasten a lead, hold a dog for a collar with the left hand. Give command by voice and gesture, and release a dog. Let runs. Periodically call up the pupil, take for a collar, take slightly - slightly and repeat team. In principle, one of the most favorite teams, is carried out with a bang .

« Team; To Sit! . Gesture - the hand bent in an elbow a palm forward. Having given command, slightly we press the left hand to a dog on a croup, as if forcing it to sit down. The right hand poddyorgivay for a lead up. Villages - The Good fellow to sit, well! We Iron. We give a delicacy. As a rule, this lesson it is acquired very quickly and easily. Gradually we give command everything from bigger distance. Ideal result - the dog sits down on separate (voice or sign) to team, being at distance 10 - 15 meters from you.

« Team; To Stand . Gesture - the right hand extended forward, a palm is turned   up; also remains at the shoulder level. We help a dog to understand what from her is required, at first we support under a stomach. Then will begin to carry out independently.

« Team; To Lie! . Gesture - the right hand is thrown out from a shoulder forward, and falls a palm down. After giving of team press one hand on withers of a dog, as if pressing it to the earth, and another you hold a delicacy, before the trainee`s nose, but it is low. Having stretched for yum-yum the dog will lay down. It is possible to sit down before a dog and to slightly pull her for forepaws. At command execution To Lie! the dog should not be filled up on one side. At good performance - encouragement: Well, to lie . Well, and delicacy, certainly. Ideal - the dog lays down on command at distance 10 - 15 meters from the trainer.

« Team; Nearby . Gesture - cotton the left hand on a hip. The Dog has to go at one with the trainer speed so that her shoulder touched the left leg person. Before working off of this team let`s a dog gambol, spend excess energy properly. During circulation row on a lead all attempts to go quicker, more slowly, than a deviation aside and so forth have to be stopped sharp Nearby and subsequent breakthrough of a lead. You praise the dog who is well going nearby, treat her, without stopping the movement. When the dog will quietly go nearby on a lead on distances not less than 50 meters - clean a lead. And - in total at first, only already without lead.

« Team; Voice .

it is the simplest to strong to master it so. Observe on what the dog loves polayat - on a toy, on some sound … Order. Right there give an irritant, and, having achieved result, immediately clean this object and begin to praise: Well, voice, well! Gradually pupil will understand - it is necessary to bark on command, but not because showed something that in his opinion, adequately an oblaivaniye.

And, at last, « team; Faugh! Very important team. The puppy hears this word since childhood. It is good if corresponding skill was fixed by itself. If is not present - in attempt to pursue a cat, to lift from the earth muck, to stretch to sort out the relations with tribespeople - has to follow loud sharp Faugh! breakthrough of a lead, perhaps and blow hlystiky (not a lead, with it the dog should have no unpleasant associations). Let this sensation of pain - but implicit, instant command execution Faugh! will rescue the chetverony friend from very many troubles and troubles. However be not overzealous, the whole world cannot be Faugh! .