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How to put keys in order?

Ya it is sure that you at least once, but ate in front of the monitor, and crumbs fell on the keyboard, being hammered into cracks between keys. And over time white buttons become dirty and a little turned yellow. Therefore they need to be given to a former look not only to prolong working capacity, but also not to spoil the computer person, the keyboard is it.

More precisely to tell how to put Klava in order, I will describe actions step by step.

The STEP 1 - materials. For a start would like to specify

that it will be necessary for us for cleaning of keys. Several Q-tips, the screw-driver, a small piece of cotton wool, a flakonchik with vodka or ethyl alcohol will be necessary for you. And also the keyboard which you are going to clean.

The STEP 2 - untwisting.

First of all, you want it or not, but you will need to untwist the keyboard. Without it you far will not leave because the garbage gathers there, below, under ten bolts. And if to clean a surface, that is to walk cotton wool, obmaknuty in ethyl alcohol or vodka, then there will be not enough advantage of it.

After all bolts are removed, and you will lift a treasured cover, to your look the thin plate on which there pass all signals will appear, and there is no it, there would be no letters on the screen also. You accurately remove a plate and put where - nibud to the safe place because in the next half an hour it is not required to you. On each key the elastic band lies, you can observe it in drawings. These elastic bands will need to be removed and put in the safe place, God forbid, not to lose.

The STEP 3 - wrest of keys. by

After will remove all elastic bands, it is possible to take the screw-driver and to push out each key separately. Not to break the existing special latches, use, please, them, otherwise you should run in shop behind the new keyboard in the evening nevertheless to play some game. When all keys are pulled out from keyboard chains, it will be possible to begin cleaning.

The STEP 4 - cleaning. you will take

For cleaning cotton wool and will blot it with vodka or ethyl alcohol. Then the longest process begins - it is friction. And will depend on how you polluted the keyboard how many you will rub a key. As soon as you see that the key is pure, it is possible to put it back in a panelka.

But, having cleaned top, do not forget that the lower part of the keyboard too during use received enough garbage which managed to collect under a key. Therefore we overturn it and, having wetted a Q-tip, we clean everything from flutes under a key.

Now it is precisely possible to put a key back.

The STEP 5 - the most pleasant. to

After you spend about half an hour for washing of your keyboard, and then you will deliver everything into place and anew twirl bolts, it will be possible to connect with pleasure your clean computer face to the system unit and to enjoy how fingers will run on white keys.