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How it is difficult to learn learned?

Here there came session, and with it offsets and examinations. And I with surprise found out that I have such objects on which I was one time for all semester. The Japanese, not simplest and clear subject was one of such objects. On a nose offset also should urgently be done something.

In - the first, I all - asked for leave from work and got on one couple. Experience was just unforgettable. You sit and understand that you, as a matter of fact, understand nothing. Eh, you are heavy life student`s. But there is nothing to do, it is necessary to learn all, and as in that joke:

Presidents of three countries argued who has the cleverest students, and decided to give the same task - to learn Japanese, and to look, what is the time it is required for this purpose. The best American student, having wandered on the Internet, volunteered to learn language in 9 months, the Frenchman, having studied library catalog, agreed to learn language in 6 months. The ordinary Russian student was found in a smoking-room and asked a question: For how many you will learn Japanese? . That looked at the expert and answers: And the textbook of methodics is? . Expert to it: Yes, here to you textbook of methodics . That thumbed through it and speaks: Now I will finish smoking and I will go to hand over

Only exactly a week and minus couple of days on unforeseen circumstances. At once I begin to count what practical steps I can take. I was lucky and we in group have a girl who very well understands all this.

So, point first - to find the person who can podnataskat you on the required problem.

Agreed with it at once about when we meet. Worked once, and from - for my training it is not enough, all minutes 45. Passed necessary grammar and a little lexicon. But even it was enough to move off dead center

Agreed about the next meeting which took place even better, than previous. The foundation is laid, all the rest depended on me now.

There were just some trifles, to learn all lexicon, phrases and to remember as it is possible to build the coherent and filled with sense statements of all this.

Therefore I was accepted to writing of cards for words. Cut leaves on small pieces on which wrote a lot proper words. Then began to teach them diligent. In certain cases the imagination, associations and many other things were put to use. For example, for the word " tie; - nekutai I used association of the " type; to muffle up - not to muffle up .

When learned the account from one to ten, at first told it to herself aloud as a song. Then considered in the opposite direction, then randomly and so several times. With days of week it was more difficult, but not much more. As well as British, Japanese begin the account since Sunday, besides every day something designates, Sunday - day or the sun, Monday - month, Tuesday - fire, Wednesday - water, Thursday - a tree, Friday - metal, Saturday - the earth. Then, as well as with numbers, I learn it in all directions: Sunday through Saturday, Saturday through Sunday, then since Wednesday, Thursday etc. most difficult it was

with verbs. They had to be learned in a little perverted form. At first I called and showed on myself: - to eat tabemasu (I represent that I eat with a spoon), okimasu - to wake up (I stretch), nemasu - to sleep (I put hands as though I sleep), hatarakimasu - to work (here difficult to show), yasumimasu - to have a rest (I lean back on a chair).

Well, here so I also learn, I hope, will help. It will be necessary to write just lists of words on groups (for example, food, a situation in the house, days of week, ordinal numerals, and many other things). Then posostavlyayu offers with these words that kept within memories better and I think that I will be able to pass test.

I all - the student. And at university learn not only to study, but in most cases to get out and try to obtain that, in my opinion, very much even useful skills.

A have some lyrics now though too about study. I as many could guess, the student and as to any student, sometimes it is necessary to study me in the most improbable conditions and situations. I will give the following example: sent me and the classmate on conference which took place to be right after one examination and directly before another. With us there went some more people from our faculty. All have examinations, all on nerves, and it is necessary to learn all the same. here is how we taught


One wrote cribs - and it is possible to write off, and material is learned while you write. Another read

, and then retold material of the third.

One more read, trying to understand more, than to remember and drew to itself logical schemes, strelochka, circles etc.

A one learned the report to conference, emphasized the basic, allocated with a marker the most important and necessary.

Generally there is a lot of options. It is easier for someone to learn aurally, it is easier for someone when he sees what learns, someone it should touch everything - to smell - to feel, someone makes a start from associations and in the head draws to himself the whole pictures. But the most important, it is necessary to remember that there is nothing impossible and there is nothing learned.