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Who to you erected a monument.? About the sculptor Opekushin of

Even those who never were in Moscow, know about the monument to Pushkin standing on Strastny Boulevard. The bronze monument which became green from time thoughtfully looks at vanity around itself. Who - who, and it is the best of all knows about the creator, the to the namesake - Opekushin.

What hidden communication connected them - the minion of fortune from St. Petersburg and the peasant`s son from the village of Svechkino of the Yaroslavl province? However, this secret, maybe, to us will also be slightly opened. The father of the sculptor was the serf master - the modeler extra - a class. And in the eldest son he made out talent remarkable. Masters of such class were necessary in the large cities, such as Moscow and St. Petersburg. The father gave the son on training in a workshop famous sculptor David Janszen. Unless not a miracle for the serf, though the talented man?

Alexander Opekushin was a capable pupil, and once to him made as now speak, left order . The fee made the whole twenty rubles! If to consider that young talent lived for four rubles a month, earnings for it were huge.

When he ran to brag to the father, the beggar with the baby met to it on the road. Having given alms, he heard a prediction of the destiny from the grateful woman.

Waits for its great mission! And if it is not exchanged for trifles and to squander the talent, then national popularity and glory great waits for it. I do not know

how reacted young virtue to this prediction. Only remembered well.

And here for the earned money got from the father it on the nose a belt and an order not to chase money and not to spend the talent as though the father overheard words of the beggar.

Subsequently, being already free, but not the serf, Opekushin helped to model a monument which was established in the Novgorod Kremlin in honor of celebration of the millennium of Russia. Personally entrusted it production of several figures for a monument.

But he understood that it not about what it was prophesied by the beggar. Therefore when in 1870 the competition on construction of a monument to the messmate, Pushkina was announced by the first graduates of Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum, Opekushin understood - his hour of triumph came.

By then he was already the famous sculptor and the academician. He worked as obsessed and won three competitions. Around there were so many envious persons, it is so much gossips and gossip that during a time was and to recede. But both the prediction, and mission came true.

The ceremonial opening of a monument took place on June 6, 1880. Opekushin`s work was taken over by the people somehow at once. The monument was so organic and clear everything that there was a feeling as if it is that Pushkin. Such what he was perceived by each reading and thinking Russian.

Alexander Opekushin continued to live and create also subsequently. Here only the destiny from it turned away. She as though waited for this work, and forgot the sculptor.

overflowed it envy of rivals, it was poisoned by a newspaper cooking. Could not forgive it that he is the former serf, could not forgive him provinciality and his talent.

In any case! Took away a workshop from him. Ruthlessly, on - having barbarous destroyed its latest work, Nestor - the chronicler. Sketches, sketches were gone. The only thing that he managed to keep is the Son Chelovechesky`s face modeled by it which was not leaving indifferent nobody who saw this work. But also this work had a tragic destiny. It disappeared in revolutionary nonsense of destruction of the past.

Alexander Opekushin returned to the native village in 1919 to the patients, beggars broken by the old man. In search of a piece of bread daughters of the great sculptor had to beg For goodness sake. The local priest sheltered all of them: from compassion gave them a roof and food. Umet`s

is a sculptor in 1923. And the priest was shot in 1937.

Yes there will be a memory of them in our hearts.