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Feat for Love or that it Happy End

At first sight this narration will seem to you not such and the Great Act for Love, but for me it was really the Feat. And everyday! The matter is that I and It worked in one company, but in different cases. Divided us the impressive sizes the brick building of a factory warehouse.

From only one type of a ragged facade took the breath away. The pre-revolutionary structure was never under repair neither outside, nor inside - the brick got darkly over time - the bloody shade, windowpanes were beaten out by places, massive doors opened and closed with terrible groan, and the sewerage exhaled such stench that it is possible to fulfill the subject Gaza on Fundamentals of Health and Safety in conditions as close as possible to real attack of enemies of socialism. By the way, not here whether acted Texas slaughter by the » chiansaw;?

But. There, behind this warehouse, It worked!

Ya saw it in the first day. In a week I knew about the blonde from department of supply all gossips of our department - department of marketing. In one week, having bought a chocolate cake, I went in Shots . As it is good to have the appearance disposing to revelations and as it is good that our administration saves on staff! Advanced years the kadrovichka exhausted with a lonely image of work - there is no live soul in an office, even a window - laid out information on all M from 25 to 35 years. So, he is not married! Half-affairs it is made. It was necessary to come into contact. But how? We see each other only on short meetings once a month on half an hour. To watch for it in the mornings on a checkpoint? It will cause suspicion of protection … Then in the evening, after work, near a stop? No, I leave hours at nine in the evening &hellip recently; The Situation seemed desperate!

There was all - one option but hazardous to health of the girl caring for herself. Near department of supply the factory dining room where It went daily was located (probably, there was no time to visit cafe at the subway, and from the house to take &ndash sandwiches; unless it can come to mind to the bachelor?) Having convinced itself that it is the only opportunity to see it, exactly at 13 o`clock, I went to the dining room. Through that warehouse. Horror! All the same that at night on a cemetery! There are I, so in the &hellip skirt fitting hips; And there at a wall seven big-bellied fifty-year-old men stand. Undershirts are dirty, a paunch round, a ruchishcha - that bucket of the &hellip escalator; B - r - r - r … But main thing - everything as one, invitingly smiled … Nightmare!

Here so I also went there - back half a year moreover eating greedily with a joyful look soups - roast of a disgusting look and taste!

But now every morning I prepare two packages of a lunch. I put one in the handbag, and the second - to it in a portfolio.

I am madly glad that everything so left! Now the building of a warehouse does not seem to me it ugly and I greet fifty-year-old men. And undershirts at them now pure. One even began to walk in a checkered shirt

. Love and be darlings! This finest feeling! Good luck and all benefits!