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How to pass examination in GAI without problems?

Passed more than a year since I lit up idea to receive the driver`s license. Today many want to take the wheel, and, I think, my experience is useful to them.

Everything began with the fact that I addressed to one known driving school of the city. Explained to me what documents need to be collected, and in February of last year everything was ready (the most difficult is a medical board as, perhaps, it is necessary to sit in turns). From April to November I waited for a call from the person who is engaged in a set of groups and, without having sustained, went to find out the reasons of so long silence. Explained to me what, appears, called all this time, but once I refused from - for problems at work, and the second time told that at present I have financial difficulties. NOTHING SIMILAR was!

I did not begin to argue and swear, and silently took away documents, and on the advice of one good acquaintance submitted them to other driving school. So, the main thing governed - carefully choose the place where you want to study (if, of course, your purpose exactly to master material and to receive skills of driving, but not just to buy the rights).

In February, 2007 occupations already on the new place began. Training cost - six thousand rubles, taking into account fuel and an other expenses. Two months of theoretical occupations flew by quickly enough, in the same way as well as practical driving (five times a week the theory, two times in a week of the practician - approximately such schedule). It is very important not to skip classes. We got the teacher very sensible, and everything was explained intelligibly. Of course, any can read the rule houses, solve tickets, but he placed emphasis on analysis of concrete situations on the road, and it is very important point.

I got the instructor the skilled, real TEACHER. In it, of course, it was very lucky. We began with simple exercises, such as a start of motion, dispersal, braking and a stop, and on end of driving school practiced on the ground. It was necessary to pass snake to fulfill a start of motion on rise, the parking and entrance to garage. Of course, the most optimal variant includes the last occupation on the autodrome directly one one or two days prior to examination. Before taking examination in GAI, it was necessary to hand over club. Distributed us tickets, those which we solved everything two months of study (in each ticket on twenty questions), and by results got the admission to delivery in traffic police (the group was strong, and handed over everything).

In two days we were waited by more serious test. At ten in the morning we began to hand over the theory. From 27 people six did not hand over. There is very important point - the examination leaf should be made out very attentively, namely - date, number of the ticket and the signature surely have to be, and also any corrections at record of answers - very much carp from - for all this (two were eliminated from - for the fact that they did not specify number of the ticket).

Then we went to the autodrome, and I should execute the first all exercises. At this moment it is very important to master the emotions. I strongly worried, but it was succeeded to concentrate, and with the God`s help to pass this test. Driving on the city was not so tiresome, but it was necessary to pass several intersections - too everything successfully. Here so I also passed examination.

Many said that without money is unreal, GAI officers supposedly animals - listen to nobody. The staff of traffic police is ordinary people, and too it is possible to pass examination without money. In our group from the first handed over 10 people. Did not hand over those who did not manage to master nerves. Examiners gave repeated attempts, but many in a fit of temper went out of the car, without having used the second chance. Summing up the results, I can tell the following - choose good school, you learn rules and solve tickets, do not skip practical and theoretical training, and everything has to turn out. It is checked!