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How to escape from cold by means of a hardening?

Symptoms. Something again the head ached with

. Temperature? Well precisely. 37,2 - the most disgusting state. Moreover the nose does not breathe. And it is impossible to speak - in a throat as though the sandpaper lodged

the Diagnosis. ORZ!

How many times you catch a cold in a year? Even the healthiest of us cannot avoid obligatory temperature increase together with the clogged nose and the stuffed-up throat. It would seem that terrible - well was ill week, poglotat drugs, diligent advertized on TV. And again it is healthy. But whether for a long time? And where guarantees that you will pass the next cycle of a disease with the same ease? And many of us do not get out all winter of a cold in the chest, opening the road more serious to diseases of lungs, hearts, joints. Not the most optimistical prospect. Besides all known so from intimidation of the patient we pass to improving procedures.


1. Strategy of external fight.

Strengthening of immunity and vitaminization of an organism. We stock up with any immunoexcitants (in any drugstore) and diligently we follow instructions.

a Course of reception of vitamins should be conducted at the end of November to support the organism which is a little weakened after fall and in the middle of March, in the deafest season in the vitamin relation.

2. Internal resistance is reached by physiological actions, namely - hardenings. If parents in the childhood did not force you to have a shower bath cold water, it is necessary to bring up this habit independently. And to make it the same compulsory procedure as toothbrushing. If there is no desire at all (or time) to get into a shower in the morning, postpone action to evening. Though there is no best way to banish drowsiness and to enter in new day with a smile, than to be poured by cool water since morning.

Important! It is not necessary to begin with ice water. So you at one stroke will earn negative impressions and will discourage to yourself all to continue. Begin with temperature which is felt by you as a pleasant prokhladtsa. Every third day reduce water temperature by 1 degree, you will not reach to 20 yet - ti. On this temperature it is quite possible to stop, though colder water is not forbidden - we will remember ours walruses bathing in an ice-hole. The main rule of a hardening - systematicity and gradualness that the organism had no stress at sharp decrease in water temperature. The improving effect is that we cease to react to continuous change of ambient temperature by emergence of cold and cough.

3. the Supporting procedures. Having begun with

a hardening, you should not be limited only to a cold shower. The hardening is the whole complex of actions. What sense to have a shower bath cold water, at the same time to continue to put on not on weather, to muffle up in ten clothes, to maintain high temperature of air in the room, not to walk?

Prospects at the correct treatment.

uniform cold for all year. And to catch a cold as easy as shelling pears in the summer - it is enough to get out of well conditioned car in 30 - a-degree heat of the street.

Be not ill!