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Why sellers do not love buyers?

the Ridiculous question, will be told by you. Buyers do not love sellers because those are rude, deceive, do not want to talk or, on the contrary, are too persuasive.

Get acquainted with the typical shop assistant working in big shopping center of the megalopolis who does not love buyers. To it years 40, it is pleasant on the person and a figure, fashionably (sometimes too fashionably) is dressed, but her clothes - from sales of last season. She is a free bird: it is not issued according to the service record, and the contract with the owner signs purely formal. She can be expelled any minute, or she can is proud to leave. Holiday she a beret short, and has colds standing, otherwise there is nothing will live. Works for 9 - 10 hours from 15 to 25 days a month. And if 15 days, then earn additionally somewhere still. She never asserts the rights, considering that lawlessness around reigns.

As a rule, this woman is not quite successful, in her life there is some defect: there is no registration or there is an awful housing, there is no husband or is, but - problem, there was an education, but - is forgotten as a fine dream, but there is a secret love to a bottle etc. It is inclined to superstitions and uses the ceremonies which are helping trade or taking away a malefice. She reads a yellow press because there describe life, more awful, than at it. It is not aware that occurs in the world because does not watch TV, only sometimes comedy shows of low level.

It has no savings. Its debts, and it is even worse - precipitately taken credit. It has a heap of diseases which it treats, buying tablets according to recommendations of girlfriends. She receives 150 - 200 rub for appearance at work plus percent from sales. If in day there are 500 rub - it is considered well, but sometimes trade does not happen for weeks.

There are days when through its shop there pass many people. They try on - try on - try on. It gives and cleans. She waits, but nobody even pretends that he wants to buy. In the evening the owner bawls it out that badly traded. By the night it like a dish-towel. Comes behind products, reaches to the house, feeds and brings up the child, then extinguishes fatigue a bottle of beer and - to sleep. And tomorrow - all on - new. Of course, she does not love buyers: they give it a hard work and carry away the money, without having shared. From - for them she is always able psychological " scissors;: it is necessary to be kind and to watch at the same time all these... visitors, that most it was not necessary to pay them acquisitions .

For example, the customer in the innocence removes a dummy also watches that she at it behind, or sharply pulls out hangers from racks. The shop assistant pricks up the ears and is ready to rush in fight: so shoplifters behave. The first checks how the clothes hang, splits, displaces the center of gravity, and the second follows and shakes. Do not smile to the customer any more, her accurately show the door. And the long and painful choice of other visitor between several things causes suspicions about the planned theft too.

Happens, the woman whom the head or bad mood hurts comes into shop. It can look as the person with mentality problems (such goes much shopping). The shop assistant tries to get rid of her. Too brisk state guards too. Is such primeryalshchitsa they walk in couples and begin fittings with the most expensive goods, finish with sale. They are convincing, full of enthusiasm, hop, then sharply leave until the shop assistant expelled them. But also ordinary customers can behave also.

Vampires - the most unpleasant. Women who have nobody to come back in the evening go to shops to be fed up by others energy. They need to enrage the tired shop assistant, for example, to force to remove from - under a ceiling a dummy and to undress him, and then to refuse fitting and to admire as that dresses it and again climbs under a ceiling. Or to buy a thing and, without leaving shop, to return it. All this becomes with a smile on lips and promises to return. Vampire waits for explosion, but the shop assistant should keep up to the end. And similar troubles set: nuvorishka with fingers consumer racket, carelessness when fittings.

But let you are not tormented by conscience and doubts at visit of shops. Not everything is so gloomy. Everywhere answer a smile with a smile. The benevolent person is tried to be helped. Self-assured - respect. And if you easily buy expensive dress, will many times speak well of you. Sellers love good and not greedy buyers.