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Why a lot of things are impossible to you or In what perversity of the phrase I will try

Or to do, or not, attempts to anything!

of Iodine is a teacher of Jedis from the movie Star wars .

I will try . How many times you told yourself this phrase. How many times heard it from friends or girlfriends, chiefs or, what is much more often, from subordinated.

I will try - you when before you there was a difficult task mumbled. No matter, who put it. Chief, own children or just life. Generally, difficult problems should be solved all the same - constantly.

I will try . And the fingers are all thumbs. Well why I got it? . You try to make It, try, and It is impossible

Why? The huge number of complaints to destiny, vanities, confused work is put. Generally, you do not know, for as to catch.

And fault to all you are. More true - the wrong motivation. Motivation of a way of achievement of the purpose. I will try Or to do, or not, attempts to anything! As Yoda - the teacher of Jedis from the movie " was right; Star wars !

I will be able! On any! . Try to raise a question quite so. And everything will change!

sharply will jump up Percent of the achieved objectives up. Tasks which seemed impracticable suddenly begin to be solved. Not at once, of course. But all - begin.

Subconsciousness is as superteam of the special troops, best in the world. The order is given, and it will be executed. On any!

It will not be executed only in two, is not present - three cases.

1. If not to give it (subconsciousness) any order.

2. Not to give the accurate, concrete order. For example - It would be necessary money where - nibud to earn. How many - nibud .

3. If to kill implementation of the order by another, more important or urgent.

What occurs in our subconsciousness if you you program phrase I will try treats the second point. Subconsciousness knows what you are afraid to do, it is optional to execute command, and in general - you should not strain.

And now tell yourself I will be able! On any! .

is better aloud. The words pronounced by you aloud make huge impact on our subconsciousness, and, therefore, and on our spirit, emotions, actions.

From here and positive result.

Example from life.

give you a difficult task. You do not know yet, will cope with it or not. Tell aloud and it is sure I will be able! .

What advantages you gain?

1. All the same it is necessary to do It to you.

2. Having heard your firm, affirmative answer, your chief, most likely, will be kinder and more indulgent to you. Will help more and that is especially important, to strain less.

3. You give the subconsciousness accurate command for performance of a task. And the task begins to be performed easier and quicker, than usually.

Of course, it is possible to speak, when receiving a difficult task, everything: I will try Probably, it will not turn out Well, I do not know Time will tell I Doubt Let`s look. etc. Well, and for whom from it it will be better? Definitely not to you. If regret you colleagues, then will perform a task to help you hardly anyone. Nobody likes to be a loser. And such difficult task which, probably, cannot simply be executed... Then why to help?

And here banal I will be able! loads the person with energy. Even if at a polucheniizadaniye at you there was a fear, after the words I will be able! the fear leaves. Besides, your colleagues like to you respect, and somebody surely will help! Besides, your chief, most likely, will be kinder and more indulgent to you. Will help more and that is especially important, to strain less. It is not enough on light on light of employees who, without fluctuating, answer I will be able! .

Even if inside indecision continues to move, it is only an occasion to tell once again I will be able! . So far for fear there will be no place left, and in soul there will be a determination!

Determination to work! To work immediately!

P. S. If after all this reading nonsense phrase I will be able! will become the motto of your life, so I not for nothing suffered, composing these lines!