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How the Internet helps to dispose of money?

Not all people count money the main thing in life. However too you will not call them the minor phenomenon... In Soviet period money practically meant nothing. On them there was nothing to buy. Much more acquaintances, communications, friendship meant... Perhaps, it would be better than anything to change since then?

What is the capital and when our personal money turns into it?

Someone owns the island in the Caribbean Region, and it is its capital, someone has the account in Sberbank, and someone just put a grist in a box of a desk and told: for rainy day and it is its capital! That is, the capital are not any your money but only those which you are able to afford to postpone for their growth.

How to dispose of this capital that was not excruciatingly painful.?

The first that always needs to be remembered: Your capital has to work for you! It should not lie dead freight. And to tell the truth, even in bank money does not hand over many. Store their houses, or in the safe at work, or still somewhere, only not in bank which, quite recently, left all of us already once that is called with a nose having carried out an exchange of money of 1000 to 1 ruble!

At me then, just in it it is a high time, there was very sad event in a family: my beloved aunt died. It to me as to the beloved niece, left all the state - 800 rubles of money and the apartment - a five-storey apartment block. Left rubles, and I as a result of monetary reform only here received 80 kopeks

However the bank is that system where our money at least somehow, but grows. Therefore it is necessary to use services of banks! Especially, now there was an opportunity to invest money not only in Sberbank, but also in other banks where the percent on deposits can be higher, than in Sberbank, and reliability practically same.

Reliability to modern banks is created by a deposit insurance system. Therefore always not superfluous it will be to be convinced that your bank - the participant of a deposit insurance system. The Internet gives us this chance!

However to an insurance himself needs to choose bank for a contribution or the deposit. What is the deposit and how to choose bank, it is possible to learn here.

It is the best of all to choose bank, knowing a rating, that is, the place which is taken by bank on this or that indicator. Ratings can be official and national. Official ratings are under construction most often on indicators of size of bank, national ratings are created by ourselves by means of vote for this or that bank. You can participate in such vote too. Comparing these two ratings, it is quite possible to find bank which will provide you good percent of growth of your contribution.

Choosing the bank, not superfluous will be to pay attention to one thing which very much will help you to save a lot of time and to be aware always in what state there are your accounts and deposits. Already now in Russia the system the Internet - banking " is applied; The Client - " bank; which gives the chance to investors to manage the bank accounts on the Internet. It is still a little such banks, but their rating is already constructed, and it is possible to look at it here.

However the system of bank deposits at best will rescue your money from inflation, but will not allow your money grow strongly. Other methods allowing to turn your money from usual personal money into the capital which is bringing in the big income are necessary. About it we will talk to you next time, and now it is a little more about the Internet.

We spoke about the Internet and its fine opportunities for preservation of our personal money very much. But all would like to get profit on the Internet, filling up the purse.

If you earn on the Internet and in other cases, you need a so-called e-wallet by means of which it is possible to receive the denyuzhka which are due to you. Payment service providers of the Internet allow to receive money and to pay goods and services, without leaving the Internet. Especially actual it becomes now when the huge number of goods and services are on sale directly on the Internet with home delivery. The most popular payment service providers are RuPay, E - gold, WebMoney and Yandex - Money.

On Yandex - Money it is possible to keep only rubles, on E - gold - only foreign currency, and WM and RuPay are universal systems (dollars, euro, rubles). But if WebMoney has quite wide circulation only in Russia, then the majority of the CIS countries already uses the RuPay system. Therefore, it is more favorable to increase in width of coverage of the territory of RuPay, than WM, besides, it is the most convenient to RuPay to use for receiving payments on the website.

For those who have no skills of use of payment service providers on the Internet at all it is possible to begin with system of Yandex. Money. It is the simplest in installation and use payment service provider. However, currency transfers in this system usually cost dearer, than in any other. To begin to use it, it is necessary just to get a mailbox on Yandex, and to you will automatically suggest to get the Internet - a purse.

The WebMoney payment service provider is very widespread among users of the RuNet now. It is convenient that it is possible to keep in it both rubles, and foreign currency. However its installation will demand from you some efforts. I, for example, installed this system the whole 2 days! But at the same time used the Internet of only 5 days, that is, at all on it understood nothing, however, eventually, perfectly established everything!

And system safest now it is considered the most widespread E - gold. If you have no account on E yet - gold, will warn, some difficulties are possible here. Difficulty are that all accounts here in English. But I assure you, it is not so difficult: if I opened the account here, then you also even less so will be able!

The Rupay payment service provider is convenient that it offers the services in payment to sellers of goods.

To change one currency for another, you should not leave the Internet. Any operations on an exchange are carried out directly on the Internet in exchange offices.

Well, here, it seems, everything on shelves (on plateaus, saucers) decayed. I hope that for you it was not only it is useful, but also it is interesting.

And I wish you all the best. Rolling in money, do not drown in them happiness!