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Whether it is worth starving?

of Opinion on advantage or harm of starvation are broken a set. Therefore for a start I want to tell that starvation happens several types.

Medical starvation . It is carried out under supervision of the doctor and, first of all, for clarification of an organism from slags. But for cleaning of an organism there are not less effective, but more humane methods.

All - doctors use long starvation (till 30 days) at high degrees of obesity. But it is carried out only under a constant control of experts.

Short starvation (1 - 3 day) promotes recovery after surgeries, zheludochno - intestinal and respiratory infections.

Starvation for weight loss . It is mockery at an organism and it is absolutely useless as such starvation leads an organism to a stress and a metabolic disorder. At such starvation the organism eats at the expense of cages / fat reserves, and at an exit from starvation of people very quickly gains a bigger weight, than was earlier. Also at starvation diseases which in a usual state are practically not noticeable almost become aggravated.

Following from everything described above, the divergence in opinion on advantage or harm of starvation proceeds from the purpose of this starvation. Therefore it is necessary to understand for what it is worth resorting to such cruel method. For example, one-day starvation is a good unloading zheludochno - an intestinal path. And in it unambiguously there is plus!

But, having decided on long starvation without medical control, it is worth remembering also the nobility, than it can be fraught. It is an unambiguous exacerbation of chronic diseases, such as antritis, tonsillitis and other; renal and bilious gripes, the bile aggravation - and urolithic diseases is not excluded.

At long terms of starvation and incorrectly picked up individual drinking mode the spasms of gastrocnemius, manual and chewing muscles caused by an obezvozhennost can begin. There can be faints at sharp change of situation, for example, when you get up. If there is already a violation of a warm rhythm, then starvation is categorically contraindicated, also as well as at diabetes. It is, of course, not all set of diseases which starvation can provoke. Also cases of the most severe poisoning after clarification for starvation from the usual food harmless to people around are known.

Let this method - enormous clarification of an organism, but as it was already told, hunger strike - not the only way. Starvation still is not a recognized method in official medicine. At starvation there is no full combustion of fatty stocks, oxidation of fats goes on an incomplete way. At the same time numerous intermediate products of incomplete oxidation of fats are formed. They change the internal environment of an organism, cause violation in activity of cages. At long starvation disintegration of proteins of an organism with the advent of toxic products of an exchange begins. Therefore it is necessary to remember that will lead long starvation to a hospital bed rather, than to a slim figure.

Still you think that starvation does well? Of course, this personal record of everyone. Then do not forget that it is necessary to leave starvation gradually - at all do not snatch on food what, of course, it will want to you. Exist several dishes from which it is necessary to begin to bring itself out of starvation, and with their help to come back to habitual food. It is possible to begin with oat kissel. It on a consistence almost porridge, it it is possible to eat with a spoon. Fill in 1 - m with liter of water of 200 grams of oat flakes, and put to be drawn from 1 to 3 days. Then filter, add sugar to taste or honey, a few dried fruits are possible. Also DO NOT OVEREAT!

Still it is possible to make birch kvass : in birch sap dobavteizyum also put for 2 - 4 days to the dark, cool place. It is better to take birch sap natural, but not tinned. Drink it before meal. From more essential products it is possible to make buckwheat, but the crude, filled-in with kefir no more than 1% fat contents - let`s be drawn to buckwheat not less than 1 hour.

But all - do not forget about harm of starvation. Good luck.