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How to keep youth till hundred years?

throughout centuries mankind dreamed to create a youth elixir for extension of human life. Both in the nature there is a change of seasons, and in human life. The person passes through different age boundaries: healthy, carefree youth prepares the active maturity which over the years is giving way to a reasonable, slow, noble old age.

The Sumer texts numbering 3 - 4 thousand years recommended medicines from a gray hair and deterioration in sight.

Ancient Egyptians considered that people can live till 110 years, it is that age which, according to modern views, is a limit of human life.

The Ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates recommended to eat moderately, to be engaged in physical exercises and to take hot baths that who wants to live about advanced years in full health. At that time aging was explained by leakage of natural human heat and drying of an organism.

The famous Ancient Greek philosopher Platon mentions that process of aging is influenced by a way of life. People who are able to adapt to various life situations fight against aging and an old age more actively.

Aristotle also believed that loss of natural human heat is the reason of aging.

Cicero recommended physical exercises, moderate food, and the main thing - intellectual activity to slow down aging process. He called that people and in old age studied as the doctrine keeps sincere freshness.

Seneca emphasized that the way of life is much more important than number of the lived years.

Maymonid , the Jewish philosopher, considered that life expectancy is set in advance, but believed that it can be increased thanks to performance of the corresponding preventive exercises.

The English philosopher Roger Bekon believed that the human body grows old because wears out.

If to track history, then it is visible that primitive ancestors as scientists believe, lived till 19 - 20 years. At the time of the Roman Empire average life expectancy did not exceed 25 years, and in the period of a feudal system of 30 - 35 years. Now average life expectancy fluctuates from 63 to 70 years, however, scientists consider that the person can live 100 - 150.

The old age needs to be considered as an equivalent stage of life on an equal basis with youth and a maturity. Experience and knowledge come with age.

How to prolong human life, to make it full, at all stages to keep health, and in the twilight of it to achieve that the old age was in pleasure? Over time the old age stops being a decrepitude synonym, the old age will become an embodiment of cheerfulness, great physical and intellectual opportunities, interesting and fruitful activity. The old age is not something pathological, unnatural, and represents a normal physiological state of an organism. French even call it the third age, trying to claim that an old age the same equal stage of life as youth and a maturity. At many it is associated with fall, and it is necessary to make so that this fall became gold, it is quite feasible and real task.

English writer Bernard Shaw : You should not think that, time I became old, I became very wise. The age does not bring wisdom, but it brings experience which young people cannot have. The old age bears with itself a lot of valuable and merits. The person becomes judicious skilled, and it is difficult to overestimate it .

Scientists came to a conclusion that it is possible not to grow old that who does not want to grow old.

the Old age is not so much lived how many acquired in the course of interaction with external environment. Experience and maturity of thoughts were always function of time, they remain the privilege elderly.

All live is subject to time which leaves on all the mark. A certain spirit, an optimistic view on surrounding, a habit to approach philosophically all phenomena of life and not to lose courage is very important.

It is possible not to grow old to the one who does not want to grow old, it is worth to remember about it. The active creative old age - is quite real. The living position of the person is of great importance. Process of aging affects character of the personality and her emotional sphere. In it there are individual distinctions, they are expressed much stronger, than age.

As they say, the age is determined not by date of birth, and by appearance. Remain young and beautiful. Forget that to you already oh, horror, 25 years. Lead an active healthy lifestyle and be happy!