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How to have a rest at the sea, but not in a heat?

Last summer I had a rest in Svetlogorsk - the Russian Baltic. Also understood: the sea without heat - it is simple cool! Never thought that can be combined good service with our nature and climate. And here, just imagine, could!

Svetlogorsk is in the Kaliningrad region. Kaliningrad, the former Konigsberg, practically in 1,5 hours` journey from it. Kaliningrad - the city very peculiar, some very lovely and at the same time as though lost some, perhaps Even I do not know why it seemed to me it.

Speak, earlier in it there were many buildings destroyed even during war. Now it looks quite nicely. In general, all small cities to me seem a little toy.

In it is what to visit: museum of amber, Museum of the World Ocean, Kant`s grave. These are those places which I visited, walking on foot on the city.

If at the museum of amber and a cathedral where Immanuel Kant, buildings of typically Gothic style, very ancient is buried, then the museum of the ocean - quite modern building, probably, especially for the museum constructed.

Where still you will see the submarine moored to the coast and available to visitors? Unless only in Vladivostok (I and there already visited, only in other time!) .

And where still I would uvidat a lamp of the most real sea beacon?! In the museum of the ocean there is also an aquarian hall with sharks and piranhas, and others, not really - that pleasant small fishes, and very beautiful small fishes, and with plants of a look, exotic for our eye.

Derived the mass of pleasure, having visited this museum!

I went to great Kant`s grave at the request of my husband who, having learned that I go to Kaliningrad, ordered without fail to go to worship me a grave this the greatest of minds of mankind.

Unfortunately, time at me was insufficiently to examine a cathedral of Kaliningrad in which Kant is buried. Glanced only. The cathedral is only recently restored from ruins, the show represents so grandiose and beautiful that published on the way to it there is a wish to remove a headdress in awe of this miracle created by hands human.

The museum of amber made impression of the become torn bomb in my consciousness: I yet never saw such beautiful amber in life. Though in the childhood to me also has the luck to visit the Baltic republics of the former Union, but then, probably, my age did not allow me to make out this stone properly. And here it made just indelible impression on me. The stone is truly magic: I was influenced by its medicinal properties in sanatorium, and could fully see beauty in the museum of amber. And, of course, took away amber products in memory of fine rest on the Russian Baltic from there.

Each day, free from the sea, sought to visit Kaliningrad, to look, resemble, take a walk. But all wanted, did not see. And there was a strong wish to visit the Kaliningrad zoo well-known all over the country where, according to stories of eyewitnesses, the wild beasts walk on open spaces of huge open-air cages what did not dream our city zoos. So, there was a reason to come here to have a rest again!

Svetlogorsk - very cozy resort town. Really three-stars was a hotel in which I settled down with comfort. It was called the beautiful word Wave .

As appeared, Germans - relatives of the former residents of Konigsberg very much like to come to it: the comfort in it is sufficient even for the spoiled foreigners, and the price very moderate.

Good beach, small sea, fine relation of personnel. What else is necessary for pleasant summer holiday? Everywhere you will meet cafe, small restaurants, lovely snackbars where it is possible in this cozy town and it is good to eat, and just to sit behind a coffee cup. Is where to listen to music, to take a walk in the fresh air, to drive on rollers and machines, velika and boards .

In the city there is an organ hall, several musical salons. Every evening live music in the downtown for amusement of public. That is, there is a lot of occupations, is what to do after medical procedures. Yes, nearly forgot to tell: Wave - it is not just hotel, it is boarding house with treatment and a buffet for breakfast. In it even the Internet cafe is that is important for the people who got used to the computer in house conditions.

On the weekend when there are no procedures, it is possible to go on excursion not only to Kaliningrad, but also to Lithuania, Poland. In total on very reasonable prices. I managed to go to Lithuania for 2 days and to Poland on 4. And bus tours from Kaliningrad to these countries are so cheap that simply a sin there not to go. You judge: round for 4 days to Poland with three spending the night in hotels, with the Swedish breakfasts, with excursions, cost only 5 thousand rubles. No, no, I was not mistaken, having written rubles. Only 5 thousand rubles

Never thought that it is possible to have a rest so comfortably and variously. Impressions simply sea. And the sea left only the most remarkable impressions: there was warm water, the sun shone almost all the time, the mood was just fine! The sea - it, is visible, and in Africa the sea!

I will go this summer to those regions again! And I wish you all the best.