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What work of fools loves?

call me the friend Recently and says that in the city the mass of special editions offers work, and not only to experts, there would be a desire and energy. I looked attentively at such editions, called according to several announcements, talked to people who faced a similar problem. The result seemed to me rather interesting to share with it not only with the friend, but also with all who want to find work - monetary and easy.

We will consider two schemes of a cheating of naive citizens which are widely used now.

1. Trial period.

It seems and not fraud, but absolutely honest in relation to workers this scheme it is impossible to call. The firm takes young people, as a rule, of students, for highly paid work. Work is really serious, pay indeed much, only one nuance - these several thousands of dollars you will begin to receive after a trial period, say, month through three For now work for 100 dollars a month 12 hours a day.

A trial period - quite normal practice for the majority of solid Russian and foreign firms. It is clear also that during this term the worker receives less, than his constantly working colleagues, but Not really decent firms use a trial period in order that on cheap stuff to catch educated shots, let and without experience, but with brains and desire to put. The purpose - to squeeze out of them is more within three months, then to dismiss, having told that you do not conform to requirements of firm and to accept new candidates - besides for a trial period.

Only own attentiveness and care can rescue you from such trouble.

do not take the word to firms where the difference between the main and " is very big; test salary.

At employment demand the conclusion of the contract in which criteria by which the firm will begin to estimate your suitability (or unfitness) to this work will be accurately specified.

Remember that the Labor Code of the Russian Federation (the Labour Code) works for the enterprises of all forms of ownership. In it, by the way, also such things as overtime work, employer`s liability for safety measures are regulated. Study this interesting book. And if the terms of the contract offered to you contradict the Labour Code, then it is possible to demand their revision.

2. Its majesty percent.

the advertisements inviting " Often meet; initiative and vigorous people at a position of the advertizing agent, direct-sales representative, etc. Earnings promise such that and in a year you will not earn from native plant. Experience? It is not necessary! We will train. Schedule? Free. It would seem what can be better But naive citizens do not know that earnings of advertizing agents, the direct-sales representatives or sales managers invited on the terms of the free working day and the minimum preparation directly depend on quantity of the sold goods or the signed contracts. Working conditions are that that only units from hundreds will be able to earn really decently. So, in the firm trading in import furniture on samples at the promised earnings in 2 - 3 thousand dollars the real income of the agents working at percent from sales seldom made more than 100 - 150 dollars a month.

If you are sure of the forces, aggressiveness, impudence - well, it for you. If is not present, it is not necessary to lose time and to build iridescent plans for the future. Therefore, responding to similar the announcement, specify at once whether you will begin to receive the fixed salary or percent from sales. Whenever possible take an interest at the working agents how many commodity units they sell in a month. Count what your real income can be. Estimate also, what is the time you will spend for sale of one product.

If all of you - decided, then attentively read the contract offered you: who is responsible for delivery of goods, what procedure of payments? If you plan that it will be your primary place of employment, then take an interest, what system of social protection.


do not react to announcements which do not contain exact coordinates and a company name - the employer. With doubt you treat the requirement to send money for obtaining documents or instructions (option: interviewing). And the most important, always you correlate expenses and results. Nobody will also never pay a fantastic sum for the low-skill and not demanding any specially preparation work.