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How called Don Quixote?

In a reading room of library received the ordered filing of the " magazine; Science and life more than twenty-year prescription...

I thumb through. The magazine opened on a crossword puzzle with fragments. Picasso`s drawing representing Don Quixote and to Sancho Pans was evident. The question said: Name of one of characters . Five letters.

Reflected. By quantity of letters approaches Sancho . But in drawing it is represented also settled, it was called Grey . Too five letters. And whether the donkey is a character? This question can be asked also concerning the horse who too is present at drawing. However, Rosinant - too long. But in translation this word means jade . Again five letters. And Grey - it translation. And original, his Spanish name? How it is written with the Russian letters? Perhaps, it is as sonorous as Rosinant ? And how called Don Quixote? Quichotte - five letters, but are a surname. And whether it has a name?

Recently I re-read Don Quixote . Was in hospital, there was a lot of time. And without hurrying, with pleasure read two volumes of Cervantes from Libraries of the world literature . Checked comments, re-read some places several times, admired magnificent illustrations of Gustave Dora.

Before I read Don Quixote still school student. Then me, the boy, first of all the question interested, what will be farther. And, monitoring development of a plot, I missed a lot of things. Now, having become more senior, perceived the novel absolutely anew. The knowledge of a plot, quiet rate of reading, bigger life experience led to opening of many trifles of which it consisted whole. In the childhood, having read the novel, I considered that I know this work. Now understood that I will come back to " still more than once; To Don Quixote : the treasures of mind and heart collected by Cervantes are so big.

I found and inaccuracies. For example, in the very first departure, spending the night on an inn, Don Quixote could not remove a self-made helmet and so then till the morning and passed in it. And in drawing to Dora it is represented bare-headed. One more inaccuracy was allowed by Cervantes. In the episode relating by then when Grey it was stolen by one of the robbers released by Don Quixote, and Sancho went on foot, Don Quixote suddenly suggested it to descend from a donkey. But in the second volume of the novel which left ten years later after the first lips Sancho Cervantes speaks about this inaccuracy: it is visible, the author was mistaken, or perhaps it is negligence of the typesetter . Thanks to inaccuracy I remembered also a name of the wife of Sancho: in the first volume she is called Juana, and in the second - Teresa. I even thought that it is different wives. However later, in comments, speaks that her name of Juan - Teresa. And whether Cervantes here mentions a name of Don Quixote, I did not remember.

Ordered from librarians Explanatory dictionary of Russian under Ushakov`s edition and Cervantes`s book.

I read in the dictionary: The Character - a character of the drama or literary work . What settled - acting there was no doubt. Cervantes allocated it, as well as Rosinant, with quite certain character. And by life it was obliged to it Sancho Pans. If not the certificate Grey, Don Quixote would not believe that Sancho who had to rule the island at this time sits in a hole and asks for help. But whether the donkey " here is; person ? To Bor other volume of the dictionary, I thumb through: The Person - the person in general, the person as a separate individual . Means, Grey - not the character. And it is a pity!

And whether Don Quixote had a name? Here first volume of Cervantes, chapter 1 The author writes about the hero: The age of our hidalgo approached fifty years; there was it sturdily-build, a body sukhopar, the person is thin, the fan to get up very early and the inveterate hunter. Others claim that it carried a surname of Kikhad, others - Kesada. In this case the authors writing about it disperse; however we have all bases to believe that its surname was Kekhana. However, for our story it has no essential value; it is important that, narrating about it, we not on a step did not recede from truth .

Well, Cervantes does not call a real name of Don Quixote, and the name does not mention absolutely. I watch the end of the second volume. At last! In an environment of the relatives and friends Don Quixote who got rid of madness speaks: I any more not Don Quixote Lamanchsky, and Alonso Quijano .

Alonso is not suitable for a crossword puzzle. To Bor the magazine, I find a crossword puzzle. I guess two words which are crossed with necessary easily: Gabin and Chain armor . The second letter - and the fourth - h . Well, of course, Sancho ! If I solved a crossword puzzle as it is necessary, then would define it at once.

Here how many thoughts can incidentally arise after slow, thoughtful reading the good edition of the ingenious author. Really in present life on it there can be time only in hospital?