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And you know how to cook tasty fried eggs?

In ordinary life we quite often eat a tasty and useful product - eggs. And you know how to make fried eggs? And beautiful and tasty fried eggs? Perhaps, my recipes will be to the taste to somebody?

Recipe 1.

the simplest recipe for those who hurry for work.

we Put a thick pig-iron frying pan on fire. We pour a little vegetable oil. While the frying pan is heated, we take a small piece of butter and 2 - 3 eggs from the refrigerator. Oil we put

on a frying pan. Butter in mix with vegetable impacts very pleasant relish to fried eggs. we break

of Egg a knife. The blow has to be sure, but not strong not to damage a yolk cover.

we Place eggs on a frying pan so that to them it was not close. We salt to taste. We strew with dried greens.

cannot Close a cover fried eggs! Otherwise the type of your fried eggs in finished form can spoil to you appetite...

we wash So far, fried eggs are ready to eating. We strew it with fresh greens. We add on a plate a spoon of green peas for a garnish.

Bon appetit!

Recipe 2.

Fried eggs, strengthened sausage, ham or sausages.

Here a secret in, that curved or convex sausage did not spoil a type of our fried eggs. That it flexures sausage did not occur, sausage does not need to be fried thoroughly carefully, it needs to be warmed up only.

Ya I warm up it in a thin layer of the boiling water. Only after that I add oil on a frying pan and slightly I fry sausage.

A already and eggs are placed then between pieces of sausage or sausage. Sausage at the same time do not forget to clear

surely of a cellophane cover, otherwise it at you will remain crude. From above strew

with fresh greens. Bon appetit!

Recipe 3.

Fried eggs on - Bulgarian. by

It is poured on a frying pan vegetable oil. We cut thin circles fresh tomatoes and onions. We fry their mix in oil. From above we fill in

with eggs. Eggs can be or integral eyes or previously mixed with a small amount of kefir or curdled milk (it is possible milk). From above we strew

with fresh greens. Bon appetit!

Recipe 4.

Fried eggs with vegetables. by

To the recipe 3 adds the fresh cucumber cut with thin circles. Such fried eggs I like from above also to water

with a smetanka. Slightly - slightly, for appearance!

Recipe 5.

Fried eggs with a cucumber.

From all listed above vegetables only the fresh cucumber undertakes.

To taste the fried fresh cucumber reminds a vegetable marrow. Very tasty!

Recipe 6.

Fried eggs in French.

we Shake up eggs with mayonnaise and sour cream and we pour out mix on a frying pan and we bake. At first on the one hand. Then on the other hand. Before the end of frying we strew from above with grated cheese. We close a cover. We bake no more than 3 - x minutes.

Recipe 7.

Fried eggs with a tomato and cheese.

we Fry the tomato cut with thin circles. We fill in with the eggs mixed with mayonnaise. From above we strew with grated cheese. You otjt mind!

of appetite Pleasant to all and with a holiday of light Easter!

I wish you all the best.