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Who and when gave the necessary advice to Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Arnold Schwarzenegger (Was born on July 30, 1947 in Austria. The full name - Arnold Elois Schwarzenegger) is one of the best-known and famous people on Earth today. About forty years it embodies itself(himself) an ideal of the American dream. Having arrived to the USA in 1966 practically to nobody the unknown body builder, in several years he forced the whole world to speak about himself.

Having won in bodybuilding all possible titles, and it and repeated victories on the " tournaments; Mr. Vselennaya and Mr. Olympia Schwarzenegger passes into the film industry. Having acted in several not really successful movies (Arnold acted under a pseudonym Arnold Strong), in 1977 the cult tape " comes out; Pumping " iron; in which it plays itself(himself) during preparation for the " tournament; Mr. Olympia 1975 . The film was shot in pseudo-documentary style and constructed on a simple plot about fights around the forthcoming competitions. In parallel there is an acquaintance of the audience to the world of body building and the main operating figures of those period.

After a release of the movie to screens popularity of this sport grows instantly. Arnold, without wasting time, begins preparation for shootings of already art cinema about Conan`s adventures. In 1981 and in 1983 movies " come out; Conan is the Barbarian and Conan is the Destroyer . Conan - the Barbarian was criticized for excessive cruelty and the second tape turned out less bloody.

In 1984 there is an event after which exorcized the whole world about Schwarzenegger - the movie " came out; Terminator (the Soviet underground translators called it The Cyborg - the murderer ) . A story about how the cybernetic organism arrived from the future to destroy the leader of resistance of people in fight against cars. After these three pictures the status of the hero of fighters and the next tapes only was strongly assigned to Arnold strengthened this role. But in Arnold`s career - the actor there were also drama roles, for example in movies Kindergarten police officer Junior The Gift by Christmas . In the second half 90 - x Arnold`s star of the actor began to die away. Pictures did not make success neither at the audience, nor at critics. Schwarzenegger became in policy seriously interested and in 2003 became the governor of the State of California.

Arnold Schwarzenegger. The serious politician, the outstanding body builder in the past, the famous actor, the talented businessman (in 1979 Schwarzenegger graduated from the University of Wisconsin at the rate of economy and business. The gained knowledge was useful to it later when he became one of owners of a network of " restaurants; Planet Hollywood ). For many people he became an example for imitation, an illustration of what the person by own efforts can achieve.

Not many know that the way to bodybuilding for Schwarzenegger was opened by our outstanding weight-lifter Yury Vlasov. When after competitions in Austria the boy approached the Soviet athlete and wanted to learn about the prospects in exercises with a bar Vlasov recommended to Arnold to be engaged in body building.

I will bring the famous statement of Arnold Schwarzenegger into end: Force not result of a victory. Force - result of fight. When you overcome difficulties and make the decision not to be given - here then you have force...