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What books to read to our children?

about 30 Years ago our country not just was considered the most reading in the world, so it and was actually. All read books. In each family there was a library! At someone is richer, at someone from only several volumes but chitanny - re-read, loved, which are carefully glued on the torn places.

Children`s books were divided by age: for preschool age for younger school age for middle school age . And the book with pictures in a thin cover from the first age category cost from 5 to 15 kopeks! Also we had them much and different. Absolutely children`s left in the " series; My first book : Agniya Bartho and Samuil Marshak`s verses, Lyubov Voronkova`s rasskazik and Vladimir Suteev`s fairy tales. They were read by parents to absolutely small children, and children in the fulness of the heart painted pages with inept strokes. My mother stores a couple of such books of the edition of year in which to me 2 were executed. Then I also painted them.

Now on " Ozone; the average book with stories and verses for preschool children of three - six years costs 358 rubles. Just like that on delivery also you will not buy. Therefore - whether the child, or the beloved nephew - needs to approach each purchase of the children`s book thoughtfully that offensively for it was not useless the spent money.

In - the first, it is scientifically proved and in practice all of us were convinced that children till 3 - 4 years much better perceive and remember rhymed lines. Therefore it is better for little ones to buy verses. And it is the is best of all - the verses checked by time! Our Tanya loudly cries There Lived a person scattered The Fly is Tsokotukh`s fly - what we in the childhood verses loved, such and to our children (and to grandsons!) will be clear. My son, for example, in 2 years by heart knew Tale of Pop and worker to his Head . Pushkin definitely does not become outdated.

In - the second, it is better to look for books more thinly and the cheapest way not to long and the more so not to abuse the child if tears a book (in an ardent rush will not calculate force, thumbing through favourite pages) or will paint. He will learn to protect books when he falls in love with them and will be slightly more conscious.

In the choice of prose for kids I would advise to stop on classics too. But here it is necessary to be on the lookout: now many books are issued in the form of comics. I saw in such look and fairy tales of brothers Grimm, and Cyrus Bulychev`s stories. On a cover - the favourite writer and the familiar name, and under it - doubtful quality of the picture with adapted comments. Such books precisely will not impart love to literature. We will not raise children on substitutes!

And still: we and had unread beautiful thick book about Winnie - Down. Adventures of an amusing bear cub are ingeniously presented in an animated cartoon, and through the text of the original not each adult in forces to make the way. So the familiar name of the book played with us a joke: we remember not the text of the original, but a voice of E. Leonov who sounded pykhtelka and sopelka . It was necessary to thumb through the book more attentively, to try to read couple of paragraphs When the child himself will learn to read

, he will re-read the first books independently quickly enough and if we did not make their wrong choice, were not lazy regularly them to read aloud, will demand new - interesting and fascinating.

A here will already approach not everything that was read by us after 6 years. I booze the, carefully kept books for younger school age I carried on a garbage can when understood that my son does not need it. Lenin and children Oktyabryatsky week Tanya is the revolutionary - we on it were brought up, and our children have other idols. How it was offensive for me, my son and children of my friends did not begin to read Vladislava Krapivina. Probably, even in the hidden look our pioneer ideology is impossible to present children.

Pleases that though Victor Dragunsky, Astrid Lindgren and many others remain in an invariable favor. Still my son of years 5 did not leave with Nikola and his friends To Zh. Zh. Sempa and R. Gossini. Looking at it, I bought the same books on birthdays of his friends - reaction identical, it was pleasant to all children though none of adults praised.

Various garripotter, tanyagrotter, eragon - almost all children read. Even not especially loving this occupation. Another thing is that, in my opinion, it is no more advantage of this reading matter, than the adult from Dontsova`s detectives. After such books even on Alexandre Dumas and Fenimore Cooper it is long necessary to be adjusted. I began to recommend them only with the words it is better, than nothing .

It is good if our children grow up widely-read and educated, will love and understand Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky. And for a start will just like to read books. Let`s them help to develop in itself this fine feeling.