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Whether there are qualitative products in the USA and how there not to grow fat?

About what food in the USA not tasty, stuffed with different additives and hormones and therefore there are a lot of extraordinary fat people, is written and told many times. I liked Katerina Privalko`s article From what Americans swell, or Food as a national problem of America published in, but her many statements, especially concerning quality of products in the States, are disputable. Allow to act as the opponent on the matter and to tell how nevertheless arrived to America for any term - short-term or on a constant residence, to keep itself in shape and at the same time to eat tasty.

I in the States already 4 - y time (in total lived two years), visited Cincinnati, New - York, Chicago, Cleveland, Bloomington (State of Indiana). Now I live in Houston, and I can claim that there is no problem with environmentally friendly products here, their Americans call organic.

The house-keeper - a class is a lot of food supermarkets, names in each staff can differ, but Kroger the most popular, is practically everywhere. In Houston still is HEB Fiesta Randalls etc. The prices in them differ a little. Somewhere eggs or milk are cheaper, somewhere meat, or grain products. In To the Fiesta the widest choice of vegetables and fruit, generally from Mexico. But in each shop there are departments or counters with organic vegetables, fruit, milk, eggs, meat, etc. Of course, they are about 75% dearer, and nevertheless, are available to people with the average level of the income. Besides, if from these products to cook food of the house, then it will turn out and it is tasty, and is much cheaper, than in the most available cafes of a fast food. For example, a floor - gallon (about 2 liters) of simple, 2% of milk, cost 2 dollars, and the same box of organic - from 3 - x to $3,45. Organic milk very tasty, and of course, turns into curdled milk if to leave out of the refrigerator, as well as any rural. For comparison, our Russian milk of the " type; Parmalat half a year can be stored and does not turn sour, its price is not less, than in the USA - 1 liter costs more than 30 rubles, and taste is worse. Usual rural milk and in Russia is inaccessible to residents of big cities.

There are specialized shops trading only in organic products - Health food ( Healthy food ) . Meat - mutton, beef, pork are sold also imported, from Australia and New Zealand, and made on the American farms. There is no problem with fish. Except red, generally the salmon and a trout, are white fish - a tilapia, a tuna, ice, a cod. At choice of a shrimp, crabs, squids, oysters and other seafood. Especially big range of fish and seafood in the Chinese shops, and such is a lot of.

In each big city is Russian shops - so all call them. As a rule, owners are natives of the former USSR, and speak in Russian.

In Houston two Russian shops: Moscow and Gold ear and Mediterranean - Fenishiya where sell the most various products from Europe - canned food, sausages, gammons, cheeses, wines, jams and jam, candies, to sweet, it is even possible to buy rye bread of the different range: Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Oryol, the Chisinau long loafs - the truth, all in the frozen look. And lovely to the Russian heart a seledochka, fat, weak salinity without which no feast does. There is always a remarkable cottage cheese which is not conceding to taste our rural, of course, is not brought from other continent, and made on farms of the USA and environmentally friendly. And even glazed curd cakes in chocolate - these are that are precisely brought from Russia!

Why then in the USA the number of extraordinary full, even fat people is so high? Having lived here long enough, I drew a conclusion that the reason (except for a certain percent of patients with violations of exchange processes) is an ordinary laziness, and, as a result, a lack of the movement. The greatest number thick is the share, strangely enough, of the poorest segments of the population, and as a rule, indigenous Americans, in particular, black. Among representatives of middle class their number is much less, well, and among society is them few. Never to me full Chinese or Koreans met and among Mexicans is them not so much. However, among natives of India full it is enough.

In my opinion, the main reason, all - laziness. Living in the rich country where it is possible to exist not especially itself straining if not to impose big requirements to a standard of living, many Americans work at low-paid unqualified works. Also do not seek for increase of the education, or receiving other profession. Naturally, they buy the cheapest products. Besides, as Katerina Privalko fairly noticed, Americans the house is not liked to cook or are not able. Here also eat hamburgers, pizza, sandwiches, etc., washing down all this the cook - Coca and to that with the similar drinks oversaturated by sugar. Moreover constantly chips or the priest - Korn when they go by the car chew, sit at movie theater, at stadium, even in theater during a performance.

And some of our Russian women, having lived several years in the USA, cease to be engaged in kitchen. I was acquainted with the woman living here 13 years. It from Ukraine arrived. Danced in a striptease - bar, was thin as model. Married the American, has two sons. Now it is similar to a sphere on thin legs, with a small growth more than 90 kg weigh, though tries to go to a gym occasionally. She speaks: I do not prepare the house, washed up the refrigerator, and I buy nothing. And what for? Children do not love house food (!!! - my surprise). In the morning they eat siriyet (balls sweet of some grain or corn with chocolate). After school I carry them to cafe - McDonald`s Burgher King Tago or Sabvey or in Pizza - huts or in Vafelkhaus - here the cafe of a fast food is a lot of. For the evening I buy by it chips, they love, or the priest - Korn . I asked: And how husband? . Answer: And it too in cafe eats . And there is a lot of such women.

As for a lack of the movement - from the moment of the birth and till an old age many Americans generally sit - in the car, at work, at the TV etc. at home. The car always at the house. In the morning from a porch got into the car, went to work. From work in shop or cafe, then home by car, and on a sofa! Considering that the cities are as if spread here, from - for low-numbers of storeys occupy the big territory, it is necessary to go for work on an hour, and even longer. And to go in for physical culture for preservation of a figure, it is necessary to have big desire and will power that is enough for not everyone.

So, dear, do not want to get fat - eat healthy food and move more!

The movement is life!