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Whether to be good to people?

Are healthy, - the friend says to me. Fine, - I answer. Well as? - he speaks. Normally, - I say. We disperse. Would talk . I was necessary to it? As to a snipe shot-gun. And it is very good! I am glad that it did not attend to my happiness. If the person begins to think of happiness of other people is a bad person. When it begins to do also something for happiness of the neighbor, he is very bad person, and suddenly it already made happy about ten - another fellow citizens then before us the full moron and the bastard!

All the matter is that at reflection about happiness of the neighbor, at reflecting most closer there is he, and general happiness smoothly flows in happiness personal, becomes its integral and obligatory component. And if to support this business with the state position (by the way, any state could not care less of any personal happiness rather of such concept of the state thinking does not exist in general), then to promote in oschastlivlivaniya people around it is possible very significantly. If to put before itself noble a task to give happiness to people, eventually, it is possible to become such improbable geek (at strong internal confidence in accessory to to schastyenosets ) that even mother will remember, intentions to make abortion, and will regret, - in vain did not make.!

Makes all mucks of people for the benefit of others. The businessman allows workers to earn, I feed workers, I give happiness! Well, and what in passing he them robs, appropriating others work, - it is not so important. Hard workers plow on the businessman and do not doubt that they are the main link of its enrichment (his happiness), here the swine, pays us kopeks, and itself profits, a reptile! At the same time absolutely forgetting that recently without work knocked down kopeks on beer. The official shifts pieces of paper and shesteryonit state machinery, creating for itself the best prosperity by means of obezjyany jumps on career heights, I do the necessary public affair for happiness of fellow citizens! Tell such official that the state needs him, and not to people at all, - he will take offense. And actually it is necessary to people as bum spot. To sit down - it is sick, and to squeeze out - terribly!

For what I write it? Only in order that everyone understood that as soon as he thought of happiness of the neighbor, he so already and became a few goat. Do not drink from this source! In the fairy tale of that - an honest truth. Kozlyonochk you will become. Well, and if it is so improbable pripeklo to make a good deed, make, but with one small condition. In - the first that to you from it there was no benefit, and a continuous loss; and in - the second that the addressee of your good deed (and at all any person) never learned who made it, or, at least, learned as it is possible later. That is, any good deed which is not answering to these conditions kind cannot be considered, and will bear on itself the tactical devil stamp. Successful to you good deeds!