Rus Articles Journal

Yury Gagarin`s memories of

Ya first measured life with the return account. I will be impartial and truthful


At first skin shot then

I smoked, having discharged a time.

I hid and calmed down, and stood,

seemed to me, I returned suddenly

To callousness of airless pressures chamber

I in the closed loops of centrifuges.

Now I will become immovable and the Georgian

I is shipped in silence for now

the Horn and furs terrestrial newspaper the cousin

Inflate this business for ages.

Lashed memory to me a whip on nerves,

B to it was unique every image:

Here my doubler who could be the first of

Which could become the second for the first time.

Meanwhile do not spend a font for it:

the Stock of capital letters - on one.

We with two of them passed all way to the elevator,

But further I rose without it.

Here - that which drew an orbit

At me did not know it nobody by sight.

All imaginable it openly

I was thrown by handfuls into a sieve.

And as if from - for a smoke screen,

of Friends were faces and families: All of them on pages of the press

Will tell soon

the biographies.

They are everything with whom I conducted the kind neighbourhood -

Witnesses will bring to court.

Will dress my Usual barefoot childhood

and in a table will bring.

Strange word Start-up! - similarity of a cry -

Arose and hung over me.

Is bad, deafly grumbled nozzles

I spitted out the melted saliva.

And a whirlwind of feelings blew into the fire of soul, I did not sweep away

I or forgot to breathe. the Planet finally attracted


Pressed, without wishing to release.

She seized is decupled,

of an Eye, appear, left orbits,

I the right eye for the first time with astonishment of

Looked on left, is not covered with a century.

Shut a mouth to me - I do not remember - whether shout whether the gag,

Ya grew from a chair, as with roots a stub.

Here gobbled up all fuel to a drop

I the first step fell off.

There, under me, sirens wailed, I do not know

- burying or storing.

A here hoarsely engines howled

I from embraces pulled out me.

Devices on the earth calmed down,

the turn went Again spring.

my Eyes into place came back,

Disappeared overloads - silence.

Experiment was included into other phase.

Pulse of the beginnings is more rare to knock on sensors.

Ya at night flew, passing evening, at once -

I received command to have a rest.

And uncomfortably became on air,

But Levitan rushed into the close hall - It rapped out

loudly: First-ever! He about me good told


I put a helmet of a space suit on an elbow,

Uttered about the health...

Came such luscious ease,

That even zatoshnit from it.

The microphone cord as if in a loop was twisted,

Knocked on edges easy, ringing.

Ya for a moment choked with heart -

It got stuck in a throat at me.

I made the official report cheerfully, on conscience,

Is legible and very much delovo.

Ya thought: here it and zero gravity,

Ya I weigh zero, so it is not enough - nothing!

But I did not know in this hour of flight,

Joking on zero gravity strange,

That from it vomiting

I will be bloody bone calcium will wash up with urine.

Vladimir Vysotsky, 1972