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How it is correct to erase and iron clothes, considering fabric type?

Probably, each of us sometime faced an indelible spot on a blouse or the stretched sweater. But the most important is, of course, the correct care of clothes. And each type of fabric demands the address.

Products from down . It is impossible to store down damp long time - it as organic substance, will quickly decay. The down very well absorbs smells therefore it is better not to put it near the substances having pungent or unpleasant smells. When washing not to presoak down products, and to erase manually at a temperature about 30 C or in the washing machine on the sparing mode. To dry in the straightened look it is far from heat sources.

Products from cotton . Products from cotton can be erased at a temperature up to 60 degrees, and when drying in the car they can strongly sit down. It is better to iron such fabric the iron with a humidifier.

Products from flax . The product from color fabric needs to be erased at 60 C, and white at 40 degrees, and all this at the sparing washing mode. If to erase it in the car, then it is possible to use universal laundry detergent. Products from flax after washing can shrink. Iron them well warmed iron with a humidifier.

of the Product from wool . It is possible to erase wool only manually with a temperature up to 30 C. Wool cannot be rubbed and unscrewed, and it is possible to iron in the " mode; " wool; with moistening or through damp fabric.

of the Product from silk . Silk cannot be rubbed, squeezed out and unscrewed. It needs to be rinsed in warm, and then in cold water. Erase manually at 30 C, and iron in the " mode; " silk; and only from seamy side without sbryzgivaniye stains can remain water, differently on fabric.

of the Product from an elastane . Wash such things powders for fine fabrics, and temperature of washing and irons depends on a percentage ratio of an elastane in your clothes. In the drying device it is impossible to dry.

of the Product from polyester . It is possible to erase polyester to 40 C in the washing machine. At more high temperature, on fabric folds which are very difficult for deleting then are formed. Polyester dries quickly and practically never demands irons, but for faster drying it is possible to iron it the iron in the " mode; " silk; on small temperature.

Products from viscose . The fabric made of viscose very quickly gathers moisture, but at a namokaniye loses the durability therefore demands careful washing. It is the best of all to erase it manually at a temperature no more than 30 C. To wring out neither in drying office, nor in the washing machine it is impossible. It is possible to turn in a sheet and to squeeze out accurately. To iron in the " mode; " silk;.

Products from acetate and a triatsetat . Acetate silk is erased manually or in the car at the sparing mode. Temperature has to be not above 30 C. It is possible to erase Triatsetatny silk at the usual mode and temperature to 70 degrees. For drying they need to be suspended. This fabric dries quickly and does not need an ironing, but if you want to press it, then it is better to iron it from seamy side in the " mode; " wool / silk;.

And it is important to remember: no fabric loves ill-treatment. Applying these councils, you will be able to continue life and a good shape of your things.