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How soccer in England began?

On the official homeland of modern soccer - England - for the first time the documented game in soccer took place in 217 our era. Near the city of Derby derby of Celts against Romans took place. Celts won, history did not keep the account.

In the Middle Ages the ball game, something between ancient soccer and modern was very popular in England. Though most of all she resembled the chaotic dump turning into a bloody fight. Played directly on streets, sometimes 500 and more people from each party. The team which managed to banish a ball through all city to a certain place won.

The English writer 16 - go centuries Stabbes so wrote about soccer: Soccer bears with itself scandals, noise, contentions. This complete collection of occasions to a fight, murder and great variety of the shed blood. Cheeks in bruises, legs of a hand and a back are broken, the beaten-out eyes, noses, full blood - here what is soccer .

It is no wonder that soccer was considered as politically dangerous occupation. The first attempt of fight against this misfortune was carried out by the king Edward II - in 1313 he forbade soccer in city boundaries. Then the king Edward III forbade soccer in general.

The king Richard II in 1389 entered very severe punishments for game - up to the death penalty. After that each king considered a duty to issue the decree forbidding soccer as continued to play it.

Only in 100 years monarchs nevertheless decided that better let the people play football, than revolts and policy. In 1603 the ban on soccer in England was withdrawn.

Game was widely adopted in 1660 when to the English throne there ascended Charles II. In 1681 even the match by certain rules took place. The team of the king got beaten, but he awarded one of the best team players of rivals.

Before 19 - go centuries played soccer as it is necessary - the number of players was not limited, receptions a ball otnyatiya - the most various. There was only one purpose - to drive a ball into a certain place.

In the twenties 19 - go centuries were made the first attempts to turn into soccer in sport and to create uniform rules. Far not at once they were crowned with success.

Soccer was especially popular in colleges, but each college played under the laws. Therefore representatives of the English educational institutions decided to unify at last rules of the game in soccer. In 1848 so-called Cambridge rules appeared - after delegates from colleges gathered in Cambridge to order football game.

Corner kick, blow from gate, the situation " were basic provisions of these rules; off side punishment for roughness.

But also then nobody especially executed them. The dilemma - to play soccer by legs or both legs, and hands was the main stumbling block.

In the Eton college played by rules which most of all resembled modern soccer - in team there were 11 people, game by hands was forbidden, there was even a rule, similar today`s off side . Players of college from the city of Rugby played both legs and hands.

As a result in 1863 at the next meeting representatives of Rugby left congress and organized the soccer which is known to us as rugby. And the others developed the rules published in newspapers and which were generally recognized.

So there was a soccer which play around the world today.