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What vitamin salatik to prepare in the spring? For

Time spring, to brightly - green leaves of a dandelion, chicory and a nettle it is necessary to wait a little, and the weakened organisms demand something vitamin already now. At the seeming lack of fresh vegetables and fruit, there is a lot of options of support of.

vitamin and useful salad - from fresh beets, carrots, a green radish and apple. We rub them on the smallest grater, we salt, we pepper and we fill with vegetable oil. It is possible to add a little small chopped garlic and to sprinkle lemon juice. Such salad will clean a liver and intestines, will help work of heart, and beet, to all other, contains the rare minerals and minerals necessary for our organism.

One more well of vitamins - sweet salad . It consists of dried fruits which can even be not presoaked. For preparation it is better to take a deep bowl. Take on one - two handfuls of prunes, raisin, dried apricots, wash out, cut with cubes. One or two apples clean from a skin and a serdtsevinka and too cut with cubes. Powder with cinnamon and vanillin. Sugar does not need to be added! Fill in with sour cream, it is possible for the most liquid or even fat kefir. It is necessary to fill in so that from above there was about 1 cm of liquid. Put in the refrigerator for about eight hours that dried fruits became juicy. Before giving decorate with segments of orange or tangerine and strew with any nutlets. These are just objedeny!

I very much love vinaigrette, but to cook it long until everything cooks, will be cooled, is cut. It was necessary to invent the recipe of preparation - literally within half an hour the full bowl is ready. Vegetables - potato, carrots and beet we wash

, we clean also crude we cut on cubes, we put everything in glasswares for a microwave, we close a cover. We put in the Microwave oven for 5 - 7 minutes at the average power. Then we take out, we mix and we put for 5 - 7 min. During this time small we cut onions, fresh cabbage or a cucumber, we add sauerkraut or pickles or even olives without stones, green peas and small chopped garlic. If what is not present, not terribly, usually vinaigrette does not suffer from it. When vegetables are ready, they should be spread out for 5 - 10 minutes on a flat plate for fast cooling. Then together we put everything in a bowl, we add a cold brine to taste, he will even more cool vegetables and will add juiciness to salad. Farther everything as usual - is mixed, we salt, we pepper, we fill with vegetable oil and vinaigrette is ready!

And useful salad from sea cabbage turns out very tasty , and it is possible to put in it anything. It is known that sea cabbage - a well of minerals and minerals, and other components will add usefulness and a variety.

For salad can take tinned cabbage in bank, it is possible to wet dry, and then slightly to boil. It is a basis of any salad.

Option 1. Paprika, yellow or red (it is possible also without it) to chop onions and fresh cucumbers thin slices. To scald onions boiled water, to sprinkle a little lemon juice and to leave for about 15 minutes. To mix everything with sea cabbage, to salt, pepper, fill with vegetable oil.

Option 2. Everything as in the first option, only we replace cucumbers with the fresh cabbage which is thinly chopped and ground with salt, can be added a frozen or soaked cranberry or cowberry.

In different combinations the corn, olives, green peas, tomatoes, cheese, sheep cheese, eggs, boiled potatoes will be good.

Salad - cocktail , will please you not only in Sunday or the holiday, but also smartly will be suitable for an intimate dinner.

Prepares it just before the use. The secret of its preparation is that it is necessary to take as much as possible color ingredients which we will stack in a large wide wine glass. For each person separate is necessary.

Will be suitable for layers - cut in cubes - tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika, onions, olives, cheese, boiled or smoked meat, fish, sausage, pineapples, mushrooms, the crumbled eggs, corn, green peas, lettuce leaves, generally anything, Try and experiment!

Especially salad - cocktail are loved by children.

Bon appetit and good luck!