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Why I use ashes as fertilizer for houseplants?

Working at university as the teacher of radio engineering, I, as a hobby, was fond of room floriculture. In the course of recently acquired hobby, after reading of N - go found out quantities of literature on floriculture that all houseplants it is regularly necessary to feed up various fertilizers. Did not want to buy top dressing in shop, the toad pressed, I do not speak about purchase of land and other accessories of the room flower grower any more. Here and in the light of such zhlobsky decisions found out that the best top dressing is organic fertilizer. And what there is an organic fertilizer? It, undoubtedly, correctly rewandering waste of activity of animals.

Respectively, at once there is a trivial question: where to take an initial product? And what best initial product? Of course, a bird`s dung or, on - scientific - guano. By the way, guano - very concentrated fertilizer, and before its application it is necessary to process previously. However, processing simple, it needs just to allow to perebrodit a little without access of air in a small amount of water, regularly stirring up, and then thoroughly to dilute approximately in the relation twenty to one.

And so, I asked one pleasant employee of our department to bring to me a little bird`s dung. The request was born according to the fact that she lives in the private house and is engaged homestead chicken breeding and there was a wish to make up to the pleasant girl too very much (at least in such tactless way). Hens are, undoubtedly, birds, and make it guano in thorough volume and it is necessary to pay it tribute, she was not frightened dirty guanovsky works also dragged to me a full plastic bottle of this udobritelny charm, at a rate of one and a half liters.

I did not decide to make fertilizer in the same bottle and for water there is almost no place left. Divided into two parts. Of course, it is easy to tell divided, division guano - very scrupulous business and dirty besides. Long suffering a blunt pencil and a piece of a piece of cardboard, I parted forcibly it on two poltorashka, added a few water and put in a corner of laboratory to wander under a table.

This process resulted in the spring, in radio engineering laboratory of university. Windows in this rather high-tech laboratory come to South side and during the lunchtime, thanks to greenhouse effect, is very stuffy for the ordinary city citizen there though for process of fermentation and creation of qualitative organic fertilizer - ideal conditions.

In spite of the fact that the laboratory has an obvious technical focus, according to lesson schedule, teachers of English sometimes give own classes, train, so to speak, in foreign languages, in the mode of contemplation of the advanced radio-electronic equipment that in itself - is very sad.

Here in such environment of devices and people tired organic fertilizer in the closed plastic bottles stood about a week. I about it forgot absolutely. And as remembered, stupidly being unsteady on laboratory between couples, decided to look: how there is a process of creation of bait for plants? And, foolishly, probably the demon confused, priotkrutit a cover of one of cans a little and it is good that not both at once.

It is known that during fermentation fossils allocate a quantity of gases of an initial product (guano). About it I, previously having processed a great lot of any literature, knew, but did not think that there will be so many these awful gases! Here and in the course of research of a condition of process of maturing of fertilizer the ispytuyemy can unexpectedly blew up!

Women!!! A floor - laboratories in guano, lower part of a table in guano, walls in yellow specks, I all in guanovsky freckles, and in two hours the planned occupations at British . On laboratory the pungent smell of hydrogen sulfide extended. I in horror, and a laboratory dressing gown in guano. I thank god that he me advised to put on previously a dressing gown.

It was necessary to take emergency measures urgently. Naturally, in laboratory any means for cleaning there is no so delicate substance. Water and the sewerage only in a toilet. First of all - a dressing gown in the garbage container on the street. Windows wide open. In a trice I run in a toilet, having taken with myself a rag and a bucket of the cleaner. I will not say how many it to me moral forces on a type of students took away, but twenty times and when the first approach of cleaning was ended were necessary to change water, I remembered that there comes time of the beginning of class in English...

It was required to refresh air urgently. Than? The brain was convulsively clogged in a hysterics of a failure and unexpectedly remembered that the trade-union committee on the eve of February 23 presented us something which can significantly change a situation: whether cologne, whether a deodorant, I cannot still understand complexity of the name and a chemical formula of this product. It is direct not cosmetic, and some awful alcoholic drink, on it and it is written - 90% alcohol. A smell at this cunning potion, e - e - e, as if so smoothly to tell, very peculiar and redkostno original. Actually from - for the last its quality, home I to refer it and to allow to smell to the wife was afraid, thought later to use it as protirochny means for the case and the keyboard of the computer. Finally, on more - less decent neutralization of a smell guano, at me all this mysterious gift of trade-union committee left.

Besides, the place of awful accident had to be isolated, using make-shifts in the form of blocks of radar stations, laboratory tables and the measuring equipment that any entered incidentally did not come nearer yes did not zanyukhat a true smell rotten guano.

smoothly proceeded Then gentle and fragrant couple at British throughout which nothing the suspecting students and the lovely girl - the teacher strongly were surprised than it at me so originally smells? In reply I with repentance explained to them how to me it became sad when the big jar of the French cologne was broken.

Since then I do fertilizers for houseplants only of ashes.