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How there are easter vigils?

All of us know that the holiday of light Easter is the Resurrection holiday. According to Christian dogma, Resurrection occurred as follows. Christ left a coffin, and at this moment there was a terrible earthquake. At this moment the angel who opened a stone from a door of the Lord`s coffin came back to Earth. This day (the first day of week), Mary Magdalene, Maria Iakovleva, Ioann, Salomiya and other women went to the Lord`s coffin to spread a body it, but did not find a body. The angel who went down to them announced Christ`s revival. Having come to pupils, they told about a miracle. But pupils did not believe them. And among them the rumor was spread that Christ`s body was stolen. Long Mary Magdalene cried, but angels announced her that there was a miracle. And here, in the first the Teacher was to it. Pupils did not believe. Then it was to them, and announced the revival, having pleased before it Saint Mater

is So told by Christian dogma. But how there are church ceremonies during Sacred Easter? The easter pleasure is sacred pleasure which is absent, and cannot be equal on Earth. It is never-ending eternal pleasure of eternal life and pleasure.

Word Easter means with Jewish recirculation or disposal .

Christians celebrate a Passover of the new testament, triumph disposal through Christ of all mankind from slavery to a devil and talent to us life and eternal pleasure.

Long before midnight believers, in light clothes, are flown down to the temple and reverentially expect the coming easter celebration. Priests dress all lightest dignity. Before midnight solemn toll announces approach of great minute of a lightful holiday of Christ`s revival. Priests with the Cross, lamps and an incense proceed from an altar and together with the people, bypass around church with singing. At this time from belltower height as from heaven the easter ringing flows. All praying go with vozzhenny candles, expressing those spiritual pleasure of a lightful holiday.

Procession stops to the shut western gate of the temple, as if at doors of the Christ`s coffin. And here, after usual exclamation, the priest, like the angel who announced to mironosets at a coffin Resurrection the first proclaims a joyful song: Christ revive from the dead, death having trampled on death and real in grobekh having granted a stomach . This song three times repeats priests and chorus.

Then the head proclaims verses of an ancient prophecy St. Tsar David.

At last, the head holding in hand a cross with a triple candelabrum, the movement them nachertyvat a cross sign, against the shut temple doors; they are opened, and the exulting assembly is included into the church which is filled in with light of vozzhenny lamps and icon lamps and discloses it a joyful song: Christ revive from the dead!. .

The subsequent church service of easter matins consists mainly of singing of the canon made by St. John Damascene. All songs of this canon are divided repeated Christ revive from the dead! . During singing of a canon priests with a cross and a censer, in precedence of lamps, bypass all church, filling it with an incense, and joyfully welcome all words: To Hristosa Voskresa! what believers have to answer Truly revive! .

After matins hours and a liturgy are made at once, at an otversty imperial gate which is open since the beginning of matins and are not shut the whole week meaning that Jesus Christ forever opened to us a gate of the Kingdom of Heaven. Before the end of a liturgy easter bread - Artos which on light Saturday after a liturgy is distributed to believers as an easter favoring is consecrated. After an easter liturgy (sometimes between matins and a liturgy) Easter cakes, for an easter meal of believers are consecrated.

In the next days of Easter, after a liturgy, at bell-ringing, there are religious processions about church in which, as a victorious trophy, the Christ`s Cross rushes. The prior makes vespers in the first day of Easter, having dressed all sacred clothes.

spread it all over All light Easter week. Since first day of Easter and to vespers of a holiday St. Trinities of kolenoprekloneniye and bows to the ground it is not necessary.

On the first Tuesday after easter week St. Church, sharing pleasure of Resurrection with the dead in hope of general resurrection, especially creates commemoration deceased therefore also this day is called Radonitsa .

After the Liturgy universal memorial service is made. Since ancient times there is a custom this day to visit graves of neighbors and family.

Easter chants are sung in church till Ascension holiday which is celebrated in the fortieth day after the first day of Easter.