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How to pick up the motto of the organization? Words which will light...

Our motto four words: you sink itself, bogs of another - so sadly gallant children from Society of rescue on waters with which I happened to be on friendly terms about twelve years ago joked. Official motto OSVOD sounded even more sadly and hopelessly: Rescue of drowning - work drowning . And then, owing to immaturity of a brain, I had no natural question: behind what dashing this are necessary white, with a blue strip on a board, the boats which are eternally sticking out in them in full akvalangistsky vestments, men, and indicative sports exercises with saving bagels?!

When came it is time to create, and after to expand and strengthen the organization (not OSVOD, of course, but too with a claim for great unfading mission of rescue of mankind) - it was necessary to think of the motto seriously. can ravnoeffektivno both strengthen

As well as an advertizing slogan, the motto and ruin all work done by you and your employees. Therefore to think about it is mute it is necessary not during a smoke break or a corporate booze at all (there, certainly, a creative pryot, but if later on a banner of your organization appears Let`s tear competitors on the British flags! well or it is even simple Let`s tear! - it will be, at least, loutish and provocatively ). Quite the RAM or total strategic planning with the offer will approach - a task to each employee to think individually till the evening. And in the evening - who what invented, without ceremony to give out to fellows due to a misunderstanding. Here, in general, too the people unfairly laugh much, but these are, as a rule, good, productive gags.

The motto does not need to be confused to the purpose of the organization. The purpose in itself is self-sufficient. It moderately great and not especially abstruse. It has to cause in your soul and in souls of your employees feeling of participation in the organization and force to shine ideally your korporativka light, absolutely individual, not similar to anything (speak, this action of the materialized command spirit And he does not remind light of gnilushka in the dark at all!) . The good test for a purpose formulation - Taxi driver or Grandmother . You will pass it if in several clear words you are able to answer the question And in what your organization is engaged? - considering limitation of time of the taxi driver and age limitlessness of the grandmother.

So, the motto is not the purpose!

The mission of the organization addressed to external environment (unlike the purpose focused on internal structures) does not suit for the motto too. Mission declares advantage of your organization for the public (stupidly explaining to the people who are not working for you why you are cool as Maryina rocks). Here it is simple to eat risk to assimilate to John Chrysostom that in the formulation of the motto it is good not to eat. In a word, the motto is not mission!

Possibly, the motto best of all it would be possible to characterize as a reminder (in general perfectly if it unostentatiously is present at entrance doors of your working offices, organically fits into a logo, is present at working business cards etc.).

- the Reminder? - you specify. - And... to whom?

to the Staff of your organization and you, her head, about what from you wait for. Your consumers and clients. Your competitors and partners. Mass media and homebrew uzun - a fist . Even those employees and heads who are covered with regalia up to the most crowned head can forget under the influence of a gray povsednevka, bureaucratic kissel and an adynamic syndrome that any organization is created, first of all, for the sake of people but only in following - for darling of.